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eSports Boxing Club Developer Update and Screenshots

eSports Boxing Club update and new screenshots

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club Developer Update and Screenshots

Brian recently had a chance to chat with Steel City Interactive’s studio head, Ash Habib, about eSports Boxing Club. You can hear his more in-depth thoughts in our most recent video.

You can also see some new screenshots in that video and get some general thoughts from Brian. If you like the video, feel free to like it, let us know what aspect of ESBC you want to know about most in a future update.


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  1. Great info my man . I hope the true gameplay meets this hype but I’m ready for this game. The void for a boxing sim has gone on too long. Only thing I’m worried about is EA attempting some sort of buyout if this game starts blowing up and takes away some of that UFC money
    Man, I put so many hours into Fight Night back on 360. Can't wait for this one.

    I wish we could have more options and alternatives about boxing games and maybe even UFC, with organized esports tournaments, of course. Esports Tournaments page from GetInProLeague has opened my eyes on some awesome statistics about each league, each gamers team and even basic information about players, that gonna play in 2021 cybergames tournaments. I like it, because I don't need to collect all the esports information by myself.
    Some interesting gameplay tidbits.
    This one popped out:
    "The Countering System...We can confirm that players will be able to counter based on their movement and positioning - Rather than relying on 'just' pushing a button to activate a counter-window."
    The AI improvement note also sounds awesome.
    "...includes tendencies, strategies and fight styles. All based on how the opponent is fighting and any publicizes weaknesses in Career Mode..."
    Can't wait!

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