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EA Sports College Football Reportedly Delayed Until Summer 2024

EA Sports College Football

EA Sports College Football

EA Sports College Football Reportedly Delayed Until Summer 2024

According to Extra Points’ Matt Brown EA is expected to announce tomorrow their upcoming EA Sports College Football game will be delayed until summer 2024. As someone we trust, Matt has been on top of the game since it was announced back in February 2021, so we have no doubt we’ll be seeing something official in the morning.

We’ll provide additional details as they arrive but until then here’s what we know so far.

There has been a lot written about EA Sports College Football so far, which is why we’re putting together this EA Sports College Football FAQ. NCAA Football 14 came out in 2013, so we’re in year seven of a college football drought. Things like College Football Revamped and the amazing roster editors here at OS keep that game alive to this day — and should be applauded for helping to show EA and game publishers overall there is still an unquenchable thirst for college sports games — but the masses have been hankering for something new for years now.

That being said, there is still a lot of legal murkiness surrounding how to pay college athletes, so I thought we would not get another update until the summer (at the earliest). At that point, a couple more key court cases would be on file, and we would have a better idea how of close we were to getting college video games back. However, EA has jumped out in front of this by saying college football is coming back either way within the next 2-3 years.

Spotlight screenshot taken from Jazzman who posted it in our Photographic Side of NCAA Football 14 thread.

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