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DRIFT21 Content Update Available - Adds BMW E46, 1000 Horsepower Engine & More



DRIFT21 Content Update Available - Adds BMW E46, 1000 Horsepower Engine & More

After releasing a major update in July, to their driving physics and force feedback, 505 Games has released some new content for the Steam Early Access version of DRIFT21.

The new update features the BMW E46, where players can build their car from scratch or use some of the presets already available in the Quick Race mode. There is also the V8 engine waiting for you in the garage, which after tuning, will deliver over 1000 horsepower.

The update also includes a few fixes, check out the patch notes below. The team is planning to release a new track later this month and are currently working on a multiplayer mode.

New content

  • Added new car – BMW E46
  • Added multiple BMW E46 presets for Quick Race mode
  • Added tuning car parts for BMW E46
  • Added new engine – V8
  • Added multiple tuning parts for V8 engine
  • Added parts crucial for V8 engine and previously released cars

Fixes & changes

  • Fixed an issue with Subaru BRZ suspension parts being incorrectly assigned in the dyno
  • Fixed an issue with roll cage clipping through the car seat in Mazda RX8
  • Small changes to Mazda MX5 headlights
  • Small changes to cameras in Subaru BRZ

Originally born on the streets of Japan, drift racing is now watched and raced on a global scale and is considered the fastest-growing motorsport in the world. Specialist drivers push their skills and their cars to the very limits to drift at speed through the entirety of a corner while maintaining total control.

DRIFT21 puts you behind the wheel of your very own drift racing car as you take on Japan’s legendary EBISU circuits. Choose from a range of fully licensed cars and fine tune your dream drifting machine right down to the smallest engine parts to gain every advantage when on the track. DRIFT21 will deliver an unparalleled driver experience creating a new level of realism in both visuals and vehicle handling and by using 3D scanning techniques, the development team were able to recreate real drift tracks from around the world in stunning detail.

DRIFT21 is currently on sale for $16.74 on Steam.

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