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DRIFT21 Adds Multiplayer Mode in Latest Update



DRIFT21 Adds Multiplayer Mode in Latest Update

After months of development and testing, 505 Games has added multiplayer mode to DRIFT21. Currently in Early Access on Steam, DRIFT 21 allows gamers to tune the drift car of their dreams.

Still in its early stages of multiplayer mode, the team created a practice mode, which acts as a lobby for players. In these sessions, up to six players can move freely around the map, create tandems, racing to accumulate drifting points, while engaging with other racers via text chat.

For those who want to compete, there is an ‘events’ module where players can join a race with other players and go head-to-head in all out, multiplayer racing. For the duration of the event, those who do not wish to compete at that time, will not see the other racers and vice versa and therefore not disturb their drifting session.

In this first version of multiplayer mode, everyone will have access to a ‘free for all’ session where the whole course is at their disposal to compete on, with the winner being the one who scores the most drift points within the set time limit.

Hosts of the multiplayer events will have these tools at their disposal.

  • Voting or forcing a map change
  • Voting or forcing the removal of a player
  • Displaying and pinning messages
  • Resetting player’s position
  • Turning collision on or off
  • Hiding messages from individual/all players

The team will evaluate feedback from the Early Access community to improve multiplayer mode and provide updates as needed. Currently the team is working to optimize multiplayer mode performance and implement a spectator mode.

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