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A Comprehensive Guide to NBA 2K17 Bronze Badges (NBA2kLab)

NBA 2K17

A Comprehensive Guide to NBA 2K17 Bronze Badges (NBA2kLab)

This guest post provided by the folks at NBA2kLab, where attributes and badges are tested extensively so you know what’s important and what isn’t. Be sure to check them out at the link!

At NBA2kLab we have received a lot of questions about which badges are the most important and which can be skipped. We would like to answer all of these questions in one place. Below you will find a tiered badge guide that will split the badges into four categories: Crucial, Commonly Helpful, Situationally Helpful, Don’t Waste Your Time. The order the badges appear within the tiers is not important. This list is for Bronze badges only. Hall of Fame badges should be prioritized every time — with a few exceptions such as pick dodger, tear dropper, break starter, flashy passer, charge card and chase down artist.


Tier 1 – Everyone Should Have

Dimer – In our testing we saw an almost 5 percent increase in made shots with bronze dimer. A good teammate should be able make his teammates better regardless of position.

Defensive Stopper – Bronze Defensive stopper will drop all of the offensive bronze badges of your matchups when it triggers. This badge does not trigger every time.

Catch & Shoot – This badge will improve your shooting from both the 3-point arc and midrange. You will be able to feel an immediate impact with this badge.

Acrobat – This badge triggers on every layup attempt once obtained, increasing the likelihood of making contested layups. Due to how often it is used we have this as a tier 1 badge.

Midrange Deadeye – We saw a 4 percent increase in made contested midrange shots with this badge. This badge will save you at the end of a shot clock.

Corner Specialist – 3 percent more greens and 3 percent more makes. One of the major appeals of this badge is how easy it is to get, combined with the likelihood of getting a hotspot in the corner while obtaining this badge. Even with a low 3-point rating you will be greening corner 3s.

Tier 2 – Essential For Certain Archetypes

Relentless Finisher – Arguably more important for Pro-Am where stamina is more of a factor. Preserve your energy while taking contact on layups. Low stamina will decrease your made shots.

Posterizer – In our testing we saw a 7 percent increase in made dunks when going into a contact dunk animation. That is a large jump for just a bronze badge. Under Basket Rim Pulls are likely your best bet to obtain this badge as a small player.

Difficult Shots – If you want to attempt moving shots you must get this badge. We found a 12.5 percent increase in made moving shots with the bronze version.

Limitless Range – At one step past the 3-point arc there was a 12 percent increase in made 3s and near the hash mark there was an 8 percent increase. This badge will allow you to take deep 3s even as a non-sharpshooter.

Deep Range Deadeye – Another end-of-shot-clock saver.

Rim Protector – Activates on all blocks, not just those around the rim.

Pick Pocket – 3 to 5 percent increase in steal success depending on the ball handler’s ball control rating. Very easy to get on rookie.

Pick & Roll Maestro – Very good for playing 2s with a glass cleaner partner. When grinding for this badge, save yourself some effort and pair it with lob city finisher and dimer to get all 3 at once.

Tier 3 – Good But Not Essential

Brick Wall – You won’t knock anyone down with the bronze version of the badge but you will see about a 3 percent increase in solid screens.

Lob City Passer – Do defensive stopper before lob city passer to take advantage of stray completed alley oops when intentionally turning the ball over.

Lob City Finisher – Small increase in made alley oops. Your dunk rating and passer will have a larger impact than the bronze version of this badge.

Tireless Scorer – Especially important for players who like to attack the rim where you lose a large amount of energy.

Bruiser – Low impact at bronze level unless you are playing Pro-Am.

One Man Fast Break – Increased speed after a rebound. You are very likely to get this badge without putting in any effort.

Putback King – You are already grinding offensive rebounds going for hustle rebounder so you might as well get this one as well. Unlikely to have a large effect as a small player.

Post Spin Technician – If you like to work in the post, you can call this a tier 2 badge.

Up and Under – If you like to work in the post, you can call this a tier 2 badge.

Drop Stepper – If you like to work in the post, you can call this a tier 2 badge.

Pick and Pop – Often trigger even when you roll to the basket. Small increase in make percentage at the bronze level.

Pick and Roller – Allows you to finish through contact at a slightly higher level.

Ankle Breaker – Unlikely that you will break many ankles with only the bronze badge.

Tear Dropper – Up your “shot close” if you want to attempt tear droppers.

Tier 4 – Don’t Waste Your Time

Pick Dodger – Less than a 2 percent increase in slipped screens and did not prevent knockdowns at all.

Charge Card – No charges in park, small increase in Pro-Am.

Break Starter – This will only tempt you into turnovers.

Flashy Passer – Purely for looks.

Chasedown – Not worth the effort needed. Very minimal increase in chasedown blocks.

This guest post provided by the folks at NBA2kLab, where attributes and badges are tested extensively so you know what’s important and what isn’t. Be sure to check them out at the link!

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