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Breaking Down the NBA 2K17 Friction Trailer

NBA 2K17

Breaking Down the NBA 2K17 Friction Trailer

With today’s release of the NBA 2K17 Friction Trailer (watch it above), we gathered up some staff members for a chat on the trailer, what it means, and what we’re looking for out of NBA 2K17. Check out our chat below:

Chris Sanner: Ok guys, first thing’s first. Here’s the format we’re going to roll with on this one. I’ll prompt you guys with a question and you’ll answer in a few coherent sentences and we’ll let the discussion roll onwards naturally like that with myself moderating.

Let’s start off with the most obvious question one could ask: What did you think of the trailer?

Joel Smith: The trailer looked great graphically…I wish it showed a bit more of the changes to gameplay in terms of ball control and defense

Ryan Spencer: The game looks outstanding. 2K is years ahead of any other sports game when it comes to emotion, game atmosphere and signature animations. The only game that even comes close is FIFA.

Patrick Friday: Personally, I saw a lot of filler. Sort of like 2K16  with the Steph Curry mouthpiece that got everybody so hype online but how many times did you actually see that? It does it’s job though. The big animation additions are the focus.

Ryan Spencer: This trailer is basically 2K “running up the score” in this category. The main beefs with the game are not in graphics and player emotion/personality.

Kevin Groves: There’s a lot of focus on “new faces in new places” as opposed to gameplay additions, which is what the community wants. The intent of the video leads more towards showcasing the lighting and the new animations but I agree with Pat on that there’s a lot of filler

Chris Sanner: @Patrick Friday: @Ryan Spencer: — You guys both bring up great points. There’s a lot of little touches in the trailer that people don’t notice when playing the game as much. Do trailers like the Friction Trailer really ever represent a final end product since they never show a game actually how we experience it? Are they the best way to show a game coming soon?

Ryan Spencer: To me, I like it as a starting point. The finer details on improvements and additions are coming. This builds excitement by reminding everyone of what makes this game great: it oozes authenticity.

Patrick Friday: Like Ryan mentioned, the big issues with 2K are nowhere to be found in this trailer. As a consumer and a 2K generational I would love to see the franchise confront the bear with the issues so to speak in the first trailer but the marketing is spot on. Flexing their proverbial muscle isn’t what I’d do but you have to respect it. It makes you want to check out the game.

Kevin Groves: I think trailers are good at building hype but the majority of us on OS would prefer to see live gameplay as opposed to hand-selected cut scenes. We already know 2K does a great job at capturing the “little things” but it’s the legacy issues that cause the most consternation amongst sim fans.

Chris Sanner: The legacy issues are definitely a big deal that we’ll hopefully hear more about in the coming few weeks from 2K. What stood out in the trailer to you guys as something that was just really good?

Kevin Groves:Attention to detail in player physiques and appearances look better than ever and by far the best in the sports gaming genre.

Joel Smith: For me it was the emotion, or expansion on it…the swag that the younger stars bring to the game

Chris Sanner: Honestly as an OKC guy I won’t lie, seeing KD and Russ side by side in different jerseys cut a little deep.

But the emotional effect with the song choice and such was spot on at least.

Patrick Friday: The accuracy of something so small as the funkiness of Ben Simmons’ jumper was dope to see

Joel Smith: Chris that was a good shot…a Westbrook signature sneer would have been a sick touch lol.

Chris Sanner: What about the benches and crowd reactions too? Those seemed a bit more spot on and had more emotion, maybe that translates into the full game?

Patrick Friday: The crowd wasn’t really in tune with the flow of the game with 16. That’ll be interesting to watch

Joel Smith: I would hope so. Benches are a lot more involved and animated nowadays in the real NBA…the young and old guys reacting to facials and game winning shots

Ryan Spencer: I think 2K puts small hints as to their focus items for this year in the first trailer. I saw a lot of player contact, bumping, jostling… this is an area that always needs work.

Chris Sanner: Yeah I think you are right about that @Ryan Spencer:

Patrick Friday: Fro Kobe made an appearance also

Kevin Groves: For me crowd reactions have to be in tune with what’s going on during the game.

Chris Sanner: A lot of people were hyped about KD’s body type looking more authentic in the Dream Team sequence. But looking at reactions (and seeing the trailer myself) it looks like players are lacking some definition and jerseys are a bit baggy too.  Like one community member pointed out Westbrook in one shot and he looks like he’s got no muscle definition and his jersey is about 2 sizes too big. That’s not something we notice as much in a game view though right? Is it that big of a deal?

Ryan Spencer: I put that in the “nice to have” category, but is that going to play a big part in whether I am enjoying the game 6 months after release? No.

Patrick Friday: It’s definitely something that stood out to me as odd. However, if player likeness took a hit at the sake of gameplay, I’m all for it.

Ryan Spencer: Weren’t they doing full body scans this year?

Joel Smith: I think it is, only from an “authenticity” standpoint. I won’t notice it 95% of the time, and it won’t change how the game itself plays

That was something 2K said was part of the process I believe

Chris Sanner: Ok let’s wrap this up with one final question: Where is your NBA 2K17 hype meter at and what do you want to see from 2K in the next couple of weeks?

Kevin Groves:  2K trailers rarely  move the meter for me because I know the game will be solid. Much like any other sports game, in the weeks leading up to release I just want to see human vs CPU gameplay. That’s the mode I frequent and those videos are a better indicator of what we’re going to get come release day.

Joel Smith: If the meter is out of 10, i’m at a 5. Give me footage that shows teams running true to their real life counterpart…Steph Curry running off a screen, getting shut down by a quick moving Cleveland defense…more realism to the game itself, as an example

Patrick Friday: Over the years I’ve learned not to get too high or low because the game is consistent. Gameplay, game play, how does the game play? I’m sure they’ll cover game modes for me too but I just want to see some hoopin’ man!

Ryan Spencer: It’s low right now. I still am playing and enjoying 2K16, and with so little information out yet there hasn’t been much to get excited about for 2K17. My “Big Three” is improved player movement, rebounding enhancements and full-blown online franchise mode

Chris Sanner: Thanks guys. This was fun! We’ll have to do it more this release season!


What did you think of the trailer?

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