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WWE 2K22 Wishlist Project: Roster, Creation Suite, MyCareer And More

WWE 2k22 wishlist

WWE 2K21

WWE 2K22 Wishlist Project: Roster, Creation Suite, MyCareer And More

You can catch up with part one of the WWE 2K22 wishlist project here where I explain more about where the feedback came from and what it could mean for the future of the WWE 2K series. In part one, I covered Universe mode, GM mode, gameplay and match types.

Now let’s get to part two where we cover feedback surrounding the roster, the creation suite, MyCareer, 2K Towers and more.


wwe 2k20 mygm mode

Any time the community knows a new wrestling game is on the horizon, the first burning question is who will be in the game? The 2K franchise has by and large done a great job with its rosters selection, both for past and modern-day superstars. With perhaps the exception of 2K20, the franchise has usually managed to avoid taking a step backwards with the roster, and has even pulled off what some would call miracles, creating a bridge to damaged relationships with Warrior, Sting and others.

Still, inevitably a current and deserving superstar will miss the cut and some legends prove only temporary.

“Go back to having a single superstar taking up one spot with multiple options of the character under it. For example when Demon Balor was an option under Finn Balor instead of them being separate.”

This recommendation can also be applied to the multiple superstars with years behind their names. Cleaning this up and moving them to a single slot will do wonders for organization and presentation. Kurt Angle should be winning matches, not Kurt Angle ’06.

“Update the roster monthly with new superstar and attires (as separate attire slots in the unlimited attire slots)

“For the Roster I think you guys should REALLY keep it up to date. If they change something about them then change it in the next Update.”

Easily the most requested feature in this section is to keep performers up to date with current assets, including entrance music and attire. Other sports titles have for years been able to make adjustments to the look and ability of players as the season progresses, and with the production of WWE 2K now being in-house, this is a reality that would go a long way towards replay value.

Creation Suite


If there is one area where WWE 2K has been able to compete with other sports titles, it’s with the creation suite. Although certain variations of it have come and gone over the years, it remains a remarkable achievement in customization options. A year away will hopefully allow 2K to iron out the kinks that appeared in 2K20 while reviving some fan-favorite creation modes that have gone missing.

“More masks! More generic wrestling masks, more masks based on real masks(if legally possible), from guys like Ultimo Dragon(including his neck dress! I’ve been asking for this for years! Please add it to the game, Hayabusa, other Great Muta masks. Bandido, Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix etc. etc. Also different kind of masks, that go together with long hair styles, sticking out of them. Like Jushin Liger or Psicosis’ masks. You should also add more generic “mask designs”, that we can put onto these masks. And make sure they fit onto the different mask”

This is wrestling. Where are all of the masks?

“-Being able to choose different camera angles freely for each entrance similar to SVR where we could do the same.
-Allowing advanced entrances to allow titles around the waist
-Advanced entrances for championship entrances, being able to change the lighting, add in pyro, or mix and max in different entrances similar to how we can do in advance entrances for single wrestlers.
-Entrance prop customization, there should be entrances with a template prop, and we’ll be able to choose from a weapon wheel while creating the entrance to see which prop/weapon we’d come out with.”

Particularly when building your own personality for MyCareer, building an entrance can be an amazing experience. However, there are limitations and working your way to a championship, only to suddenly lose your pyro and individual walk, is a big one. Other options would go a long way towards flexibility, whether creating something entirely new or tweaking an existing ring walk.

“— MUSIC STORE — We know that there is a hurdle in the ability to give us custom soundtracks but CAW’s really lack authenticity without the right music. This is why we should have at least a Music Store. It is a win-win for both the company and consumer as 2K gets extra money while we get extra music for us to use. I gave examples below on how it could work. Music could be 2K originals, WWE Alumni, Alternate/old themes or Superstars/Diva’s already in the game, Exclusive tracks from the soundtrack, used/unused production songs. Premium purchases can be used on future games and if possible downloaded for personal use.”
Jerzey Twizt

A magical win-win scenario presented here. While most have recommended enabling the inclusion of custom music for superstars and real-life PPV themes via Spotify or another streaming service, the fact is that this is easier said than done. But nothing motivates more than the chance to make that sweet, sweet dollar. Ongoing titles such as Rock Band 4 have proven there is a path to licensed music finally putting the cherry on top of the creation suite.

“-Unlimited community creations downloads no more having only limited amount of superstars you can download to your roster, no more limit on downloads per day)
-Create a finishers to be uploaded
-Cross platform community creations”

All three of these would be a relatively small price to pay for what these awesome creators do every year while allowing the community easier access to their work.

Downloadable Content


“Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Originals. I would of preferred to of had a NXT DLC or a NXT:UK pack. We shouldn’t have to pay for different attires for superstars already on the game.”

“Actual legends. Guys who couldn’t make it in on the initial deadline, new stars signed, and specialty attired from big pop’s. An example would be any of Rey Mysterios attired from Wrestlemania. Past dlc has been wonderful. 2K20 is the only year i disliked dlc. I wouldn’t purchase any more of that and would be completely turned off from future iterations of that.”

“I think that the game took a step back with originals. Nobody really wanted that arcade style of play, we all wanted a close to life simulation wrestling game, the same style of game that 2K is. I feel like games like originals should stay with the arcade games like the ones you’re producing.”

Are you picking up on a pattern? The Originals were a bold choice to be sure, but blurring the line between arcade fantasy and simulation is one of the most divisive aspects of the series year to year. 2K appears to be taking a step in the right direction in completely separating these two genres and giving fantasy and simulation the attention they both deserve.


wwe 2k21 cancelled

“Entrances, Custom Matches, Create-An-Arena/Show being available online is an absolute must. From 17 – 19 they were available. No excuse that WWE 2K20 did not include them. I truly hope that you understand how much all of these mean to us as a community. Between leagues & just random fun Online Matches. All 3 of these things as Options make the online experience way more enjoyable.

While there may actually have been an excuse (loss of time and resources), there won’t be for the next iteration. Online modes have continued to make strides in the sports community by making the offline and online experience as similar as possible (although we’ve ironically been losing online franchise modes in the process). The online community for WWE 2K is as passionate as the next, and those folks deserve as many options as can be afforded. 

“Online Universe Mode Would Be A Great Feature!”
PrezMannThe online equivalent of franchise has been requested in every game from FIFA to The Show. It is truly the Holy Grail of online sports gaming and would require an immense effort to pull off, but can you imagine?


wwe 2k22 mycareer

MyCareer has steadily been going the way of NBA 2K, that is becoming a cinematic adventure. While there will always be those who love the format and those who don’t, it’s plain to see that the two-character approach taken in WWE 2K20 was a brave choice that I believe paid off more often than not. That said, many still long for the days of a different, more simple career mode.

“I would prefer it to be more like the Season Modes from SYM and HCTP, with the mode allowing you to play as both created wrestlers or pre-existing ones and the stories changing depending on your actions with alternating wrestlers each time you play through to make the mode more replayable. If voice-acting took a backseat in order for this to work I wouldn’t be too against it, but even then with games such as SvR 2008 it has been proven to be able to work to an extent with voice-over work.”

“Keep the storyline bizarre and even over the top just like in 2K19, but please for the love of God don’t make the main character an imbecile like in 2K20.
Give us a non-linear, branching story where your choices have consequences. Let us choose to be Heels, Faces, and possibly Tweeners.”

“-A less linear and more expansive/open story would add lots of replay value to the game. If that means having to give up voice acting, I feel it’s a necessary sacrifice.
-Keeping the male and female MyCareers separate also allows for more replay value as you can finish one and then move on to the other as opposed to beating them both at once
-Ability to build relationships with every superstar, including forming tag teams, hiring managers, asking for help with a match, etc.
-Ability to go for any title, with different paths for each one. Example, heel path going after WWE Title, heel path defending the title, face path going after, face path defending”

Much of the feedback for MyCareer pulled from the same core: more freedom. One of the most common sentences I have seen in my years of wrestling gaming (and uttered myself) when it comes to career modes is “I want the ability to lose.” This holds true in 2K20, as your decisions were largely not your own, taking away from the story of you rising. Imagine NBA 2K if you couldn’t advance without winning a certain game.

Of course, the trade off to this is likely voice acting. However, voice acting can often be an anvil tied around the ankles of the narrative in these games, so maybe less would be more on that front. While VO does add more authenticity than text, at least in this forum the choice appears clear.

Road To Glory And 2K Towers

These two modes were attempts by 2K to increase replay value. While the idea is in the right place, these “filler” modes as many call them did not elicit much reaction beyond a desire to use the resources elsewhere. While these experiences absolutely have their fans, the consensus appears to be to use the resources bolster modes elsewhere.


“I want a “Photo Mode” feature be put in WWE 2K22.”
N7 Stormtrooper

“I feel like the match camera is very boring, having a more cinematic and dynamic system instead could help the matches feel more alive. I always loved using OMG moves since their presentation was usually so unique. I think that studying the camera work in real matches could help improve this a lot!”

“Now, one of the biggest areas for me for improvement is commentary. I’m not saying it hasn’t improved way back over the years, but there is nothing that makes me more deflated (in a WWE game that is) than creating an awesome moment such as:
Turnbuckle to announce table elbow drop
Top of the ladder falls
2.9 count kick out after a 15 minute + match
Sledgehammer/other weapon hits
To have it NOT be matched with the suitable emotional response from the commentary team!
I even get the feeling that some of the required emotion based lines are actually IN the game, but the game seemingly don’t recognise those phrases as suitable for those moments.
There is nothing like falling off the cell to sometimes literally ZERO commentary.”

“Promos – Why does the superstar cut a promo in his ring gear. If the superstar in promo is a champion he doesn’t cut the promo with the belt on his shoulder or around the waist he comes without the title. The champ has to cut a promo with his belt. Apart from that previous wwe games had cinematic attire. Why that can’t be added to next game and that attire would be used in promos.”

“Add Female Referees”
Blenk Krieger

“A lot of us have dove pretty deep with feedback, but one general thing I think is important is to keep up this level of communication. I think a lot of people are jaded, and when things get quiet that quickly gets taken as a bad sign. I’d love to see the 2KDev YouTube account become more active, and see some developer diary type peeks at things being worked on like we used to see years ago. Especially with this being somewhat of a rebirth of the series, I don’t think anything would give people more faith in the future of the series than seeing it with their own eyes.”

What was presented here was only a snapshot of the ideas that poured in from the community for the WWE 2K22 wishlist project, and it’s comforting to know that the 2K team, now working in-house, has an extra development year to give these ideas their best shot.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to participate in the feedback forum, what changes would you love to see?


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  1. DLC hasn't been too bad in the past but I did not like the 'Originals' at all. Making a career mode that actually reflects it's counterpart would probably be very hard for wrestling. There are only so many storylines they could fit in without seeing repeated dialogue. This is why I actually prefer a different linear story every year for the WWE games. 
    i have only played wwe2k19 and not wwe 2k20, for obvious reasons. so if i mention something that has been addressed in wwe 2k20, you have my apologies.
    1) more attire slots - if a wrestler has been around for some time, chances are he/she has worn more attires than the two slots the game gives you.
    2) tag team attires - if you create a tag team, that created tag team attire should not have to be spent on one of the two attire slots.
    3) create a referee - there could be a bunch of sliders as to how they call a match. how fast or slow they do a pin count. how easily distracted they are. how much they let a wrestler bend the rules. how oblivious they are.
    4) create a commentator - this may be a little bit more difficult...every commentator would have the same dialogue or script, but maybe you can choose from an option screen on accent or voices. you can choose between a heel or face commentator.
    5) more caw slots
    6) creation suites - have more entrances and victory options. more in depth options for tag team entrances like being able to independently choose motions for each wrestler.
    7) for the love of all things wrestling...please...i beg of you...when creating a wrestler, when you have to choose from the list of names for the entrance announcement...please...PLEASE...have an option to put the word 'THE' before a nickname. and you pretty much only have four slots in a single name so please dont make 'THE' take up a space.
    8) create an arena - i love golden era wrestling. to be able to replicate arenas from that time would be awesome
    9) if i pay for the accelerator pack so i can edit in-game wrestlers, i shouldnt have to waste a caw slot if i wanted to change an in-game wrestlers name or attire.
    thats all i got for now. sorry for the long post.
    For me two additions would change the entire game.
    Create a story mode
    Custom entrance music
    One of the main reasons I prefer 2k19 over 2k20 regardless of all the bugs etc. 2k20 has is the roster. I love getting all the guys from the 80's, 90's etc. And there are some great community creations...but the lack of their own entrance music just kills the immersion. The Show, FPW etc. were able to find a way around it so there is no reason why 2K can't implement this. If they don't want users to upload their own then integrate spotify so that we can stream music directly from WWE into the game for entrances.
    Create a much as I want it, I doubt we'll ever get it. No coincidence it was removed shortly after 2K took over. There were insane great stories to play back in the day and I'm pretty confident when saying 2K removed the future purely because it adds too much longevity to the game. They don't want that because they want you to buy it every year.
    Immersion, what happened to the 2K that tried to recreate every detail of a TV broadcast for their sport games. I mean they have all these exciting legends in their WWE games but there is just no excitement watching these guys doing their entrance. Austin used to talk tons of trash while walking to the ring...not the in game. The camera angles are wrong...their is just no authenticity or soul to these WWE games anymore.
    The WWE, Vince and Paul seems to be a pretty petty bunch how they react and treat their wrestlers and competition. To me personally there should be no reason why they would remove a wrestler from a version of the game what was in earlier versions...but then again they don't want to create the perfect game now do they? That will only mean people won't buy it next year.

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