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WWE Confirms No Plans For 2K to Release WWE 2K21, 2K Promises "Exciting News" on Monday, April 27

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WWE 2K21

WWE Confirms No Plans For 2K to Release WWE 2K21, 2K Promises "Exciting News" on Monday, April 27

The writing was on the wall, when former WWE 2K employee Justin Leeper came forward to say he had it on good authority that WWE 2K21 was going to get cancelled.

Today, interim Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick confirmed the question at the end of the first quarter 2020 earnings investor call, stating “there would not be a launch of a new game this year.” – (via

UPDATE: (4-24) 2K will share some “exciting news” on Monday at 7:00 AM PT.


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  1. If they decide to keep patching WWE 2k20... Which I highly doubt because 2K is a greedy company....
    These should be the things that they patch:
    Make the computer more competitive. How the game is as of patch 1.08 the CPU difficulty is atrocious even on Legend Difficulty. They are way too easy.
    They need to bring back the auto reverse for the four stomps on the ground.
    Make the computer more aggressive.
    Make the cpu's finishers harder to time/reverse.
    Make the pin meter smaller and harder to time on legend difficulty vs cpu, after you get hit with a finisher.
    Audio issues
    managers never interfere or distract the referee
    springboard maneuvers are never used by cruiserweights or high flyers.
    no running corner attacks
    wrestlers with dirty paybacks never use them in any match type
    All these issues still plague since patch 1.08. Plus more i have yet to type in
    The only thing I can say is I don’t feel bad and they did it to themselves. Was the franchise awesome? No. Was it above average and the only licensed option? Yes. What they put out at full price was basically in alpha stage. I’m no programmer, but sports titles are usually roster updates and a tweak to a mode. They managed to take that formula and mess it up. When it first returned and they mo capped a few guys like triple h, the graphics were unreal. Because they realistically couldn’t do that for a huge traveling roster, they chose to just make everyone muddy. If it all possible, they should be mo capping these main players while they are all at the performance center for months, build off 19 and return on next gen. What will probably happen is they will just use the license for their mobile games until it expires and stick with proven titles.
    I just can't play 2k20 anymore and don't feel like moving back to 2k19. I'm curious to see what the "exciting news" is. I'd settle for a solid acrade-y title at this point I just hope it doesn't detract from a main line of more sim-like titles. 
    I loved All Stars but this is pretty underwhelming. It’s basically their fantasy lands on an arcade game. Wow. How tone deaf is this whole product. 
    Nope:  WWE Battlegrounds? " WWE 2K Battlegrounds is being developed by Saber Interactive, the studio behind 2K’s NBA Playgrounds games, and will focus on “social pick-up-and-play fun, but with plenty of depth for those who want to get way into it,” according to 2K. Like the NBA Playgrounds games, WWE 2K Battlegrounds will feature a roster of real-world personalities, such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, but with a slightly cartoonish look."2K also addressed this year’s (and previous years’) WWE 2K wrestling sims, saying it has heard feedback regarding the quality of WWE 2K20 and has worked to improve last year’s game. 2K says it will also keep WWE 2K19’s online servers open for players"
    The winners today? Fire Pro Wrestling World and Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 (PC only, through GreyDog software, out May 14).

    Now that, I would have to agree with. My only gripe with Fire Pro Wrestling World is their egregious DLC prices.

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