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WWE 2K: 5 Things the Next Wrestling Game Must Have

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WWE 2K21

WWE 2K: 5 Things the Next Wrestling Game Must Have

We have been running through various forms of WWE 2K wishlists in recent weeks and months. The WWE 2K series is one a bunch of us on staff care deeply about, and while we are excited about WWE 2K Battlegrounds, we’re still thinking ahead to the next “proper” 2K release. That’s where Matt comes in here with his WWE 2K wishlist where he details five things the next WWE 2K game must have.

I’m not going to spoil the whole list, but spoiler, better gameplay is number one on the list. Feel free to tell us what would make your own personal top five. If you would like to support us further, by all means subscribe to us on YouTube and like the video. Thanks so much for the support.

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  1. Those psychopaths at 2K and Visual Concepts already know what it takes to make the game good. They're just too busy trying to shoehorn their trash virtual currency in and DLC that makes absolutely ZERO sense for a wrestling game.
    1. Fluid gameplay
    - Doesn't make a lick of sense that PS2 and N64 games have better gameplay and fluid animations and motion than a game created in 2020.
    2. Creation Suite
    - As you stated, this should continued to be addressed in the new games
    3. GM Mode/Universe Mode
    - It's at Madden Levels of not caring about franchise mode at this point. I don't think they have the tools to make this better.
    4. Online Mode
    - Stupid phantom disconnects and don't even let you know when you're facing a CPU player.
    I think if they fix these problems (Which they won't) then the newer games could finally pose a threat to the likes of No Mercy, SVR '06 and the like. Until then these 2K games will always be considered trash in my eyes. And that's sad.

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