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Updates and Improvements For FIFA 18 Pro Clubs


Updates and Improvements For FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

EA Sports has posted some of the updates and improvements for FIFA 18 Pro Clubs on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In Pro Clubs, you can create or join an online club as a single customizable Player, and compete in ranked leagues similar to Online Seasons. As you play more matches, you’ll attain skill points that can be spent on skill tree unlockables which improve your player’s attributes.

Match Lobby

We’ve added a number of features to the match lobby to make it more streamlined, user friendly, and efficient in order to eliminate as much waiting time as possible.

Now you can assign set piece takers (corner kicks, free kicks, and penalties) before the match starts and switch play styles, removing the unnecessary step of having to leave the lobby to change up your style.

Play Styles

To provide more flexibility, you can now create multiple play styles for your Pro Clubs Player. You can create unique styles for up to three different positions, or up to three different styles for a single position, so you’ll be ready for just about any Pro Clubs match situation.

Skill Tree

Pro Clubs Player growth’s unique detailed skill tree gives you a host of options when setting up your player. While your Player will still gain experience through playing matches, you will also earn skill points from those matches, which can be spent to customize and grow your Player.

Kit Customization

Not only are the many existing Pro Clubs kits updated to the newest versions, we’ve also added 12 new colours to use when setting up your Club.

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