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Trials Rising Season 4 Available, Along with a New Patch & Christmas Event

Trials Rising

Trials Rising Season 4 Available, Along with a New Patch & Christmas Event

Ubisoft has released Trials Rising Season 4: Expedition to the North Pole, as riders face the challenges of the frigid terrain of the North Pole. Season 4 includes new customization items, including two cross-brand outfits, the Christmas event, a new Track Pack, and the brand-new Scarab fun bike.

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Trials Rising Season 4: Expedition to the North Pole brings with it a host of new customization items for both your rider and your bike. Throughout the season you’ll be able to unlock various items, including 4 new rider outfits, two of which you may recognize from other Ubisoft titles. The Just Dance Panda and the Raider – Defender of Viking honor — are among the new looks your Rider can sport this season. Along with these outfits, you can also make your Rider ready for the Polar Cap, with the Arctic Explorer or Narwhal outfits.

In addition to the new outfits, you’ll also be able to unlock 2 new bike skins and 10 new themed helmet accessories. You’ll also be able to show off your Rider’s looks with a total of 12 new animations and poses this season.

  • 4 New outfits — the cross-branded Just Dance Panda and the Raider, and the Arctic Explorer and the Narwhal
  • 10 Themed helmet accessories
  • 5 Loading poses
  • 5 Victory poses
  • 2 Lose animations
  • 2 Bike skins

Along with plenty of new items to make your Rider and Bike look fresh, Season 4 also brings a fresh fun bike, the Scarab. This bike, available starting December 26, is built to survive the frigid snow dunes. It’s bouncy and fat with a forgiving suspension.

Season 4 will also bring a brand-new Track Pack, available starting January 2, and seasonal event.

Here are the latest patch notes:


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Possibility to get duplicate poses and animations removed from Gear Crates


  • [PS4] Fixed an issue that caused frame rate drops when crossing the finish line


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] 100 limit for downloaded tracks remove
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] 60 track limit removed from the Favorites Feed
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Added multiple-choice selection for both Track Difficulty and Type
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Added an instructions field for Skill Games
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Improvements have been made to trending feeds
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Improvements to backend tools used to manage feeds


[ALL PLATFORMS] Corrected mislabeled rarity on various items


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed missing “New Item Labels” for Multiplayer Season rewards


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that caused effects included a glued group to not rotate with the rest of the group


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Squashed a bug that caused Favorite Track Central tracks to not appear in Private Multiplayer track selection

Through December 30, you’ll earn Christmas Event Gear Crates which will contain special themed items, along with regular Gear Crate items. Some other special items in the store, are also planned, during this limited time.

Make sure to search through the tracks for hidden Candy Canes! Collect them all to claim the Christmas Event exclusive Snowman helmet only available during this limited-time event.

Christmas Event Content:

  • Santa’s Helper Outfit
  • Snowman Helmet
  • Tangled Christmas Lights Headlight
  • 7 Themed helmet accessories

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