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Top Five Madden Rookies of All-Time

Top 5 Madden Rookies of All Time

Madden NFL 22

Top Five Madden Rookies of All-Time

We discussed the 10 rookies we’re looking forward to using in Madden 22 today, but we also want to highlight five rookies who tormented us in Madden throughout the years. This is where Matt’s list comes into play.

You could maybe just rotate Reggie Bush and Michael Vick at every pick, but what fun would that be?


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  1. I remember Calvin in Madden 08 and he would catch everything. As a Lions fan, I still can't believe we had Stafford throwing the ball to Calvin in their prime and we never won a single playoff game. Hell, we even had Suh on defense at the time and still nothing.

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