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Madden 22 NFL Draft and Offseason Rosters

Madden 22 NFL Draft

Madden NFL 22

Madden 22 NFL Draft and Offseason Rosters

With the 2022 NFL Draft now in the books, Madden 22 officially gets into the “dead zone” of sorts where we begin to wait and wonder about what comes next for Madden 23. While we won’t be getting much Madden news until the summer, community folks are hard at work trying to keep the game updated until then. If you have Game Pass, you can download Madden 22 for free as of now, and the best way to get the most out of it is with xApathyx13’s community rosters. We have featured Apathy’s work before, but he did take a year off before returning for ’22. It’s great to have him back and so let’s showcase what he has for Xbox Series X/S users (PS5 users will have a little note at the end).

Madden 22 NFL Draft and Offseason Rosters

One note off the top here is to keep tracking these rosters for now as Apathy will still be making corrections and adding to it at least during this upcoming week. That said, the tweet above is the best way to find these rosters regardless of which version you use. He has always called it UPDATED22, so you just need to find his name and that name to know you’re getting the good stuff.

Latest Revisions

These are not the only changes to the roster, but just assume all the big free agency signings and NFL Draft trades and draft picks have been completed already:

NFL Draft Roster Update: 05/02/22

– WR/KR Andre Roberts signed to the Panthers [1-year]
– OG Trai Turner signed to the Commanders [1-year]
– DE Mario Addison signed to the Texans [2-years]
– DE Rasheem Green signed to the Texans [1-year]
– FS Damontae Kazee signed to the Steelers [1-year]
– SS Tyrann Mathieu signed to the Saints [3-years]

– CB Jason Verrett re-signed to the 49ers [1-year]
– S Charles Washington re-signed to the Cardinals
– P Kevin Huber re-signed to the Bengals

– QB Nick Foles released from the Bears
– QB Kevin Hogan released from the Titans
– RB Scottie Phillips released from the Texans
– RB Devine Ozigbo released from the Patriots
– RB Mike Davis released from the Falcons
– OL Nate Herbig released from the Eagles
– OL Willie Beavers released from the Falcons
– OLB/EDGE James Vaughters released from the Falcons
– K Chase McLaughlin released from the Browns
– K Chris Blewitt released from the Brown


– CB/S Lonnie Johnson [Texans] was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for draft pick compensation

Misc. Roster Edits & Information:

– The Detroit Lions had their roster converted over to a 4-3 defense. Coach Campbell confirmed in an interview that the team is switching to a defensive 4-3 base to better suit the players they signed in the offseason. There’s been a few teams this offseason that switched between 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes including the Bears, Lions, Raiders & Vikings. While in Franchise Mode, make sure to switch to the proper defensive scheme under your settings. Once loaded, go to Manage Staff > Team Schemes. You MUST do this or else your defensive lineups won’t work with the updated rosters. Hope this helps.

NFL Draft:

Rounds 1-4 are now completed and available as of yesterday. A few random Round 5 & 6 players have been added already as well. UDFA Carson Strong was added to the Eagles (only because I had him created previously.)

** Rounds 1-4 will be the ONLY fully completed rounds. EA severely cut back this year on the quantity of available CAPs (Create A Players), low rated & unsigned rookies from 2021. These are the players I utilize to overwrite and convert over to the 2022 Draft Class. I will be doing my best to include everything I can, but I’m giving you honest and upfront notice about it now. I’m sure I’ll receive nasty messages (I’ve already had a few kids message me with demands and stupid comments) and I know I won’t be able to please everyone but I’m doing what I can.

Starting tomorrow, my roster will include all the skills positions (QB, RB, P & K) from Rounds 5-7. After that I will be forced to pick and choose who else gets added. So please bare with me. You’re better off downloading my roster now and adding whoever else you feel is necessary from your team(s).

General Notes

Contracts: All players are being given their appropriate years on the roster. REMINDER: Madden only allows a maximum of 3 years when editing rosters, so even though some players got 4 and 5 years today… it will still be listed as 3 on the roster.

Depth Charts: pretty much all teams today were adjusted a little bit based on roster spots and new signings. A few offensive lineman were also moved such as Cody Ford moved over to RG due to the addition of Rodger Saffold. I had to overwrite a few pre-existing players in order to fill roster voids.
– Jon Feliciano will be moving over to Center according to the Giants
– Laken Tomlinson will be playing RG according to the Jets

Remaining UFAs still on teams: As mentioned before there’s still a few teams that have UFAs left on their roster. I bring up the Ravens’ Defensive Line for example. Due to Madden’s roster restrictions I can’t release them quite yet until Baltimore signs more players. Pretty much all of the defensive line are free agents – same goes with the Raiders’ LB corps.

Note About CFM

PlayStation 5 Folks

If you are looking for a PS5 roster, jcblayze is going to be your best best on OS as of now. He’s still working through the NFL Draft, but it’s the same deal where this includes both the offseason moves and NFL Draft. You will want to search SGR2022OFFSEASON from potentially a couple different users (if Madden Share is giving you problems).

The three names to search would be:

1. BigGargamel

2. classic-wallop89

3. ak7kgun34

Bottom Line

As always, a big thanks to the community members who put in the time and effort to put these rosters together. The offseason for video game sports games can be brutal as the developers move on to the next game, but the OS community generally comes through in the clutch and gives folks a chance to keep playing an updated game if they’re still interested in sticking it out until next year’s version is released.

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