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The Top 5 Worst Sports Games From This Generation

top 5 worst sports games

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The Top 5 Worst Sports Games From This Generation

It seems like the right time to discuss the top 5 worst sports games from this generation of consoles. We’ve been getting our first tastes of next-gen footage, and we’ll have new consoles by the end of 2020, so why not start remembering some of the lows from this console generation? Matt technically is grouping two generations together since the Switch is 9th generation while the Xbox One/PS4 are 8th generation, but the point is these are some bad games.

Basketball, rugby, wrestling, there is no sport that can escape Matt’s wrath on his top 5 worst sports games list. He also might go through an existential crisis at some point in the video.

What about you, what were the worst sports games of this generation for you? Let us know. And if you like videos like these, please leave a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!


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  1. I'm going to disagree with WWE. I've been enjoying the game since release date. I never experienced thing any like the clip showed(knock on wood) the only problem I have is the game will crash at times...I'm still enjoying the game, don't get it twisted though, universe is still flawed as hell and it's easy to beat the cpu
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