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The Golf Club VR Patch 1.08 Adds Drivable Golf Carts & More, Full Details Here

The Golf Club VR

The Golf Club VR Patch 1.08 Adds Drivable Golf Carts & More, Full Details Here

HB Studios have released The Golf Club VR patch 1.08, check out the full details below. Currently the game is only available on PC via Steam, compatible with the HTC Vive.

Lots of changes this week with the new TGCVR patch. We have added two new features that we’re excited to start getting feedback on. In this update you will now be able to use the Pro Tee Simulator to take various shots from one location with ease. We are also welcoming the addition of drivable golf carts! In addition to these two new features we have also added a couple small things to improve the quality of your experience.

New and Updated Features

Pro Tee
In the lighthouse on Tutorial Island, there is now a Pro Tee Simulators open for use. With this addition you can now take shots from various driving, chipping and putting locations to hone your golf skills all while staying put.

Golf Carts
If you find a golf cart on a course, chances are you can now get in it and burn around. By teleporting to the driver seat of the cart you are locked in and ready to go. Using the touch pad to steer and trigger to gas, you now have the freedom to explore each course like never before.

Controller Callouts
To help out with new users and keep the games controls fresh in everyone’s minds. We have added UI callouts to the controller labeling each buttons action. These can be turned off at any time through the gameplay settings.

Club Offset for Custom Peripherals
In gameplay setting you now have a slider available to you that will allow you to adjust how the clubs line up with the controller. This addition allows you to reposition the club to fit the offset of various peripherals that we have seen the community present to us.

Situational Club Suggestions
Before each shot you will notice a club in your golf bag with a green highlight. This is the club suggestion based on the current lie and your performance with each individual club. The more you play the better the club suggestions will be. This feature can be disabled in the gameplay settings.

Rival Beacons
Locating and navigating to an opponents ball has been a challenge to date, especially when trying to play live-asynchronous multiplayer with a friend. Now simply holding telepointer button (right on the trackpad) for a moment will display a beacon above each of your Rival opponents balls. To teleport directly to an opponents ball, simply aim the telepointer at the beacon and release the trackpad. This will make playing a structured round of golf with your buddies a much smoother experience.

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