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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up – MLB The Show 23, WWE 2K23 and More

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up – MLB The Show 23, WWE 2K23 and More

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed. We also have tons of new details for Franchise mode, MTO and presentation in MLB The Show 23 and plenty of information on various WWE 2K23 modes. We also posted our Monster Energy Supercross 6 review, thoughts on ranked matchmaking in PGA Tour 2K23 and impressions of the latest content update for Undisputed.

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Since the game was released last year, it’s been clear that PGA Tour 2K23needed to provide more ways for people to competitively play the game. While online societies allowed you to post scores against others and play your rounds at your leisure, the matchmaking for head-to-head games was lacking in overall direction. There were several playlists that allowed you to compete in a variety of ways, including match play, skins, and alt shot with a teammate, but the rounds always ended with little in the way of progression or rewards (unless you were playing high-stakes skins).

The first significant change to WWE 2K23 is the number of general managers available in MyGM. Last year, there were only four GMs you could play with. Those GMs were Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Shane, and Stephanie McMahon. This year, five new general managers have been added, including Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, and my favorite, Mick Foley. Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze had input on the game, according to 2K’s developers.

Until the final game comes out, we won’t have complete confirmation on returning legends. For now, we’ll highlight the new additions and finalize the list once all (new and old) legends have been confirmed. Included below will also be the full legend list from MLB The Show 22 (most of these players should return in ’23). We tend to lose a few legends each year, so this will be a dynamic post with updates as they’re confirmed.

Three new fighters, but only two of them (Robin & Sergio) are able to be used online due to the division restrictions implemented by Steel City to help with faster matchmaking. Of the three, my personal favorite to use has been Sergio Martinez. One of the best fighters of the 2000s, Sergio is a southpaw with good power and a solid chin. It’s a shame knee injuries slowed his career in real life, but for the purposes of Undisputed, we get him at his peak.

wwe 2k23 myfaction


One of the best new features in this year’s MyRise campaign is the ability to pick what type of superstar you want your CAW to be. In the past, you would have to work your way up from developmental (NXT) and earn your roster spot. Now, MyRise kicks off with your wrestler’s debut on the main roster, with each person getting to decide whether they want to be a Legacy wrestler, otherwise known as a second-generation Superstar. Or you can be the uber-athletic, once-in-a-lifetime talent, otherwise known as The Lock. Each path will bring you a different story and lead you on a unique journey to becoming a WWE main eventer.

For those unfamiliar with Universe mode, you essentially get to be Vince McMahon and create your perfect wrestling federation and storylines. New to this year’s game, however, is a reward system that will come in handy as you progress from one rivalry to another. As your wrestler starts to win, you’ll gain momentum resources to use later. You can then spend those resources in a number of ways. For example, you can choose whether or not you want your wrestler to attack an upcoming opponent pre-match with a chair or after the bell. You can also shake their hand, among lots of other options. All of this is done using the momentum resources you earned throughout Universe mode. Best of all, you can decide how rivalries end and what happens next in the storyline. Ending a rivalry on a positive note will likely skyrocket your wrestler up the ladder.

MLB The Show 23 draft

There was a lot riding on the mega stream today highlighting MLB The Show 23franchise mode, March to October, presentation, and commentary. Two of the roughest elements of last year’s game were the commentary and franchise mode. Beyond that, March to October has been an interesting idea that still struggles at times due to its restrictive rosters and how it fits in with franchise mode. After today’s stream, I would say I’m feeling okay overall about the direction of MLB The Show 23 and beyond.

The most significant addition to career mode this year is an all-new training park, which includes new modes, new missions, and a revised layout. The other new addition will often notify you about new missions and opportunities. That includes former motocross superstar and icon Jeremy McGrath, which I will explore later.

The career mode in Monster Energy Supercross 6 will feel very familiar for those who have played the series, but familiar isn’t a dirty word here. Of course, you start as a rookie and aim to work through the ranks. The goal is to show a mastery of 125cc, 250cc, and finally 450cc bikes, each with its challenges, advantages, and disadvantages.

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