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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - Madden 23, F1 22, eFootball & More

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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up - Madden 23, F1 22, eFootball & More

Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed, during the busy week. This week it’s all about Madden NFL 23, F1 22, eFootball and more.

Sports Gaming News

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Ranked Seasons 3 - World Series RewardsRanked Seasons 3 in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty launched today (replacing Season 2), and some small changes have been added to the rewards structure for innings played to make it more lucrative for folks. In addition, Takashi Okazaki Greg Maddux and Awards Reggie Jackson are the new World Series rewards.

SDS continues to make some logical tweaks to the Ranked Seasons reward structure as quitting is still at a high level, which makes it sort of a pain to get to the innings played thresholds. The idea seems to be to continue to sweeten the pot for innings played while incentivizing people with more rewards along the way as well. Here’s to hoping these changes make more people stick it out in games.

Takashi Okazaki Babe Ruth CollectionWith the DD update today, we get the Takashi Okazaki Babe Ruth collection, Future Stars Liover Peguero, a new event, and new Mini Seasons rewards. The Babe Ruth collection is slightly less brutal than expected, but we’re still being jobbed a bit when it comes to using the new Mini Seasons mode to its full extent. Let’s jump into everything below.

So it’s not a 99 (presumably the mega collection on Friday will be then), but the big man here is still a 97 overall with super impressive hitting stats (and not terrible fielding or speed!). We get full outfield flexibility with Babe, and then you can still shove him at 1B as well. He has 100+ hitting stats all around, 125 discipline, 72 fielding, and even 57 speed to not be hopeless out in the field or on the bases.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships previewWhile I’m not a regular to tennis games anymore, I still think back to titles like Top Spin 4, Virtua Tennis, Tennis Elbow, and Full Ace Tennis as points comparison and games I loved. Fair or not, that’s also how I judged Matchpoint Tennis Championshipsduring my time with the preview build. With that in mind, I came away excited about my experience. For me, the enjoyment of a tennis title stems from the fluidity of player movement, the accuracy of ball placement, and the response of reactionary ball physics. While it is still early, MPTC delivered a high level of fun and addictiveness in all three categories.

How to Improve each online mode in diamond dynastyWhen last we were exploring the various modes within Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22, we were focused on outlining the single-player ones and brainstorming ways that each of them could be better. From playing these alone, it’s entirely possible to accumulate enough XP to unlock all of the prizes in the newest Featured Program, but there’s also plenty of other things to do if you’re someone who prefers playing online with others. With that in mind, I now want to talk about how to improve each online mode in Diamond Dynasty.

As you might expect, all of these modes are not perfect and could perhaps use some changes and refinements, if not an entire overhaul, to have them working their best. Here’s a breakdown of each of Diamond Dynasty’s online modes and how they can potentially be improved upon in the future.

eFootball 2022 Version 1.1.0It’s been a little quiet on the eFootball 2022 front since Konami’s Version 1.0 dropped on April 14. Despite its horrendous build-up to an even more disappointing release, eFootball saved some face with the April update. While eFootball 2022 is nowhere near eFootball 2021 Season Update in terms of the total package, the updates along the way are getting us closer to that old PES feeling. Now, with Version 1.1.0 having been released, it’s time to give our impressions.

The improved responsiveness is by far the biggest improvement in Version 1.1.0. The way the players move, how they control the ball for their first touch, and just the better response to button inputs make the game feel much tighter. Dribbling is very fluid and doesn’t require the use of skills to beat your defender as you can use their momentum against them without fear of them unrealistically jockeying to keep up with you. 50-50 ball response times are slightly better, although there is still room for improvement when it comes to player awareness.

Lou Gehrig Day Program - All-Star Lou GehrigThe calm before the storm is more eventful than usual as we get All-Star Lou Gehrig today in the Lou Gehrig Day Program in Diamond Dynasty. On top of that, we got a lot of news about the cards coming to the game tomorrow, including the reveal of the big collection reward. Let’s jump into all that below.

Listed under the “Other Programs” tab, Gehrig is another player off to a hot start already this year as his gold card was a hit among many early in the cycle. Generally speaking, I enjoy Gehrig’s swing and he’s a good get in all forms. We are not short on the 1B position (and it’s about to get even more crowded), but this is a perfectly balanced 92 overall card that should be easy to use if you like the swing. His speed and defense are fine for 1B, and then you’re getting a balanced hitter with great vision and discipline at the plate. All in all, a nice little free treat.

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