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How to Improve Each Single-Player Mode in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Single-Player Modes

MLB The Show 22

How to Improve Each Single-Player Mode in Diamond Dynasty

Some people might think that card-collecting modes typically cater more to the online crowd, but Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22 has a handful of single-player modes for anyone who would prefer to avoid the online realm. These all take slightly different approaches to how you pit your skills against the CPU, and you’ll be able to collect plenty of rewards for devoting time to most of them. It’s safe to say though that there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovating in MLB The Show 22 when it comes to these single-player modes, and some of them could use a little more work than others to increase their value and have you enjoying them for even longer.

Let’s put these single-player modes within Diamond Dynasty under the microscope for closer scrutiny and see if we can figure out what’s working well and how they might be tweaked and expanded upon so that we may squeeze even more pleasure from them.

Diamond Dynasty Single-Player Breakdown


What is it? A whole host of different maps that you have to conquer just like in the board game Risk by completing established goals and tasks throughout the maps.

What’s good about it? The rewards are the best part about Conquest and these become better as the size of the map increases. You can add some nice cards to your collection by tackling the most challenging ones that will have many strongholds, like the map of the US (and let’s not forget, one Canadian stop) that will require you to beat teams representing all 32 cities in the MLB. A great thing about Conquest though is all of the hidden pack rewards that you can find throughout the maps as you dominate territories, giving you the chance to stumble into some coveted cards that can help in building collections or be sold for a nice profit. Conquest also serves as a nice casual mode where you can use your assembled squad in 3-inning games that are usually played on lower difficulties to better allow you to win games and pad stats.

What could be better? A substantial portion of your time within Conquest is going to be spent moving around spaces on a map while simulating games (if you want to get anything done quickly) rather than actually playing any baseball, and that can definitely become a tedious slog on the larger maps. Though the rewards that you stumble upon along the way do help to offset some of that boredom (and watching Netflix or something on a second screen can help too), it does seem counterintuitive to have a mode in a baseball game make you spend so much time off of the field.


Diamond Dynasty single player modes

What Is It? Various in-game scenarios that require you to complete objectives while either player locked at the plate or on the mound, or by winning a shortened game against a CPU opponent.

What’s good about it? Because most of these moments are pretty short, they can be completed rather quickly when you don’t have time to play a full game. Depending on which moments you play, there are some nice rewards that can be obtained for completing them too. Some, like the Nike Connect, Monthly Awards, or player program moments will provide you with points in that particular program so you can inch closer to the larger rewards that await if you continue to accumulate points in other ways. Others, like the daily moments that are added at noon eastern time every day, will get you a small chunk of XP that all goes towards whatever featured program is running at any given time.

What could be better? There’s not a lot of downside to these moments, and perhaps the biggest complaint that could be lobbed in their direction is that there’s never quite enough of them. On the nitpick side of things, it’s always preferable to play the shorter moments that can be completed in a flash — provided you’re on your game — but the longer ones that require you to log a certain number of strikeouts without conceding a hit can be frustrating, especially when the CPU makes weak contact and manages a bloop single.


What is it? Essentially merging together moments with the online Battle Royale mode (with maybe a dash of Road to the Show thrown in for good measure), Showdown sees you trying to complete a series of scenarios that will reward you with the opportunity to draft new players and perks for your team. In the Final Showdown, you’ll have a set number of outs against a formidable pitcher to score a number of runs based on how well you performed in the previous challenges (or if you played them at all, for that matter).

What’s good about it? Because everything about Showdown leads to that inevitable titular head-to head battle with the pitcher, there’s an undeniable thrill in coming through with the victory when the pressure is finally on at the end. Leading up to that, there’s some intrigue in the strategy involved in assembling your squad and adding the ideal perks that will give you the best chance to beat each challenge that’s put in front of you. With several Showdown options available to play, and the ability to repeat some if you’re game, there’s really no end to how much time you can put into the mode should it be a favorite of yours.

What could be better? Since it came into the game, Showdown has always been a mode that focused more on being at the plate than on the mound since it will always be your lineup versus a pitcher in the Final Showdown. This is bound to be a drawback for anyone who perhaps prefers or is just better at pitching than they are at hitting. Additionally, the fact that so many of the challenges prior to the Final Showdown require some kind of offensive output keeps the idea of building your team confined to stacking your lineup full of hitters while ignoring the pitching side of the game almost entirely. As it is, too many of the challenges end up feeling repetitive, and the moments where you’re in the field can seem like more of a chore you have to do just to get back to the plate. The perks system could use some tuning as well, with many of them offering little value, especially the pitching ones that we’ve already established aren’t ever going to be required as much because of how little pitching matters in general in Showdown.

Mini Seasons

single player modes in diamond dynasty

What is it? New to the game this year, Mini Seasons pits you against the CPU in 3-inning games that play out over the course of a short season, and your rewards will ultimately be based on how you fare in the standings when all is said and done.

What’s good about it? Diamond Dynasty was in need of another way to play with your assembled squad other than Conquest, and Mini Seasons fits the bill perfectly by having each game matter. With your opponents consisting of teams that others in the community have built, the mode can offer a nice level of challenge at times by forcing you to face some formidable squads full of superstars.

What could be better? Unfortunately, Mini Seasons has kind of been a disaster since the game has been released and that’s almost entirely because of technical difficulties. It’s hard not be rubbed the wrong way when many like myself have played and won games only to then have them marked as a loss when you return to the menu at the game’s conclusion. This kind of game-breaking bug threatens to ruin the mode entirely since your rewards will be based on how you fare in these games, and having wins randomly turn into losses too many times can ensure you miss the playoffs and have no shot at winning the championship. Anyone who has already won the championship and collected the 89 OVR Evan Longoria card that comes with that accomplishment will be disappointed to learn that Longoria still remains the mode’s ultimate prize despite a new featured program being introduced in recent weeks.

Play Vs. CPU

April Monthly Awards Choice Pack

What is it? Play 9-inning games versus the CPU.

What’s good about it? Some purists prefer to have their games last the full 9 innings that they see in the real MLB, and this mode that has been a staple in the game for a long time now gives you the chance to do just that. If your goal is to rack up some XP with your players or pad their stats against an easy opponent, look no further than Play Vs CPU.

What could be better? Once upon a time, there were certain challenges in Diamond Dynasty involved in collecting particular cards that required you to beat a team in Play vs. CPU on a specific difficulty, and it might be nice to have something like that again to make this mode a little more relevant. Even though it could be an incredible grind, the mode also used to be integral to anyone who who was trying to accumulate stats with certain players to achieve necessary targets. While that was typically incredibly overwhelming to casual players, it would at least give hardcore players something to shoot for as they devote hours to the game. It’s likely that introducing at least a card or two that can be obtained through these means again would please this niche grinding crowd.


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  1. Good article but I think there is another area that Moments/Showdown can improve upon....
    Pitch speeds. If you play on higher difficulties (even someone like me that plays exclusively on All Star), the ridiculously slow pitch speeds on Veteran and Rookie can be jarring and make them far more difficult than they actually should be. Going from moments to another mode creates unnecessary transition periods for many gamers and makes hitting more challenging.
    The solution, IMO, is to have a preferred minimum pitch speed setting for these modes in each user's gameplay options screen. So, if I were to set this on All Star, every moment/showdown on Vet/rookie would have All Star pitch speeds (everything else reflecting that level; such as PCI size and so on). However, if there was a moment on HOF, I would still be forced to play on HOF pitch speeds.
    On the other modes, I think giving people options for 3/6/9 inning games would be a great addition. It would only have a meaningful impact on Mini Season stat grinds, but I imagine SDS could find a way to extrapolate the stat mission length selected based on your innings played.
    For Mini Seasons, I don't believe I've ever had a win counted as a loss. I know that was something that was an issue at launch, but have they fixed that?
    I have, however, had playoff runs ended due to a unhandled server exception. That's a pretty big bummer.
    As a primarily (but not exclusively) offline player, I want to see some 9 inning mode. Imo, that's what Mini Seasons should be. (Even at 28 games, it's still less to finish one Mini Season than it is to get the WS reward on ranked. If it's the "endgame" offline mode, I think that's fair). But if it isn't for Mini Seasons, then just make a tournament mode or something that ends up being like 15ish 9 inning games. Give me a reason to actually need more than 5 pitchers.
    Also, I'd like to see Dynamic Difficulty as an option instead of All-Star/Hall of Fame. Personally, I'm way better at pitching than hitting, and I'd have more fun if those difficulties were separate like they are in other modes. And I think it'd be nice to be rewarded for maybe playing the whole season on Dynamic instead of feeling like the best path is get the difficulty rewards done quick and then switch to rookie.
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    Thanks for this article. Very well done. I am just getting my feet wet doing these DD offline modes and this piece explains it very well.
    Having played MLBTS for many many years doing RTTS and Franchise, I never got into DD until this year and it is growing on me. I am now considered an offline MLBTS DD addict! I can't stop playing and it keeps me from my other hobby of MS Flight
    As is, I think Showdown is a failed idea. Every challenge is basically the same and the mode is a tedious chore, especially if you come up short. A successful run might only take 30 minutes to an hour but I never really have fun doing it because it’s literally the same every single time. Pitching showdowns might salvage it, I guess, but I’m not optimistic. The key might just be to make them shorter or focus on the final challenge. Maybe make it so you can draft a better squad immediately but also no matter what you go in down 10-20, maybe with more outs remaining.
    Moments are kind of a double edged sword. They tried to be creative with them initially but a lot of them were absolutely sadistic in length and difficulty, especially in 2019. Whoever came up with, for example, the Harper “Video Game Numbers” one should be institutionalized. They’ve dumbed them down a lot, which helps make them more palatable but also they’re just kind of the same thing over and over too. But it’s basically fine where it is and I like that they aren’t relying on them as much so far this year. They’re basically in an acceptable place, finally. That said I’ve thought some moments might benefit from a showdown presentation. Instead of repeating one PA ad nauseam until you get a particular type of hit, you get a certain number of outs to get a run or TB or something.
    I think ultimately people want to use their teams in full games. They need another 1-2 modes for that. A 9 inning mode would be great. Maybe it could be formatted as a playoff challenge, with rewards for winning each series along the way. Some kind of playlist where you had to lock in an events or BR style roster and complete a playlist with it would be cool too.
    The big problem I see with mini-seasons is basing rosters on real players’ DD squads. Later in the year we’re probably going to be facing teams full of the same meta cards over and over. I’d rather have SDS build rosters themselves to ensure variety and maybe tell a story. The Whales and the Cats are already basically the same team and it’s inevitable the others will catch up.
    The big problem I see with mini-seasons is basing rosters on real players’ DD squads. Later in the year we’re probably going to be facing teams full of the same meta cards over and over. I’d rather have SDS build rosters themselves to ensure variety and maybe tell a story. The Whales and the Cats are already basically the same team and it’s inevitable the others will catch up.

    I don't think that'll be an issue. For one, later in the year team diversity went up last year. Right now if you have a highly rated team, you're using the same players as everyone else with a highly rated team. Later in the year, when there were a lot more options, I saw a ton more lineup diversity in online play.
    For two, the team selection in Mini Seasons isn't random. I think each team has a range of team overalls they're looking for. Out of sheer curiosity, I loaded up a few different mini seasons. Lichtenstein and Cairo were always, every single time, both absolutely loaded. They universally had the Live Series collection done, and the average player on their roster was a 95. I did 5 mini seasons. Of the other 25 teams that loaded in, none of them had the major collections done. Only 1 had an average player rating over 90.
    I think it breaks down like this. Lichtenstein and Cairo are looking for the highest overalls possible. Probably mid 90s and up. Lima is looking for rosters in the high 80s to low 90s. London and New Orleans are both looking for mid to high 80s. Tokyo is looking for something in the mid 80s or lower. And Seoul is looking for the low 80s or lower.
    Maybe they're even looking for ratings in specific categories. In my brief looking into it, I did notice London tended to have much better hitting than pitching. Whereas Lima tended to have stronger pitching.
    But as the year progresses, maybe they'll up the ranges those teams are looking for as player teams are better. But I don't think it'll get to the point where every team has a God Squad; I think it's set up to limit that to Lichtenstein and Cairo. And I think as the year goes one and there are more ways to build a "God Squad", there will be more variety between Lichtenstein and Cairo.
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    I don't think that'll be an issue. For one, later in the year team diversity went up last year. Right now if you have a highly rated team, you're using the same players as everyone else with a highly rated team. Later in the year, when there were a lot more options, I saw a ton more lineup diversity in online play.

    I set up a new mini season last night....decided to roll with the first league I set up.
    I'm already seeing a lot more variety in roster construction (maybe it was a lucky roll but still). There was only one team heavy in FOTF guys (which seriously....utterly annoying to see those squads). Most of the others had a nice mix of players. The only team that had the full slew of "meta" relievers was the Whales.
    Still though....going back to bruno's point, I think that cultivated teams (or at least cultivated styles of teams that can be varied) would enhance the mode greatly.
    I would like to see a large conquest map with random teams and packs or prizes that resets with new stuff every time you play it. I think that would be cool.
    As far as pitch speeds. I think that there should be 2 separate settings. For offline stuff where you play the computer you should be able to set the pitch speeds to what ever level you want if the player cards are determining the outcome. I will never play people because I find the timing to be unnatural in the game. You pretty much find a setting that is good for timing or location, but, not really both. Seems like when on directional you can time things and somehow you are constantly late until you aren't. I have at bats where the computer can throw 97 mph fastballs and I am too late on them all. I can push the swing button as soon as the pitcher releases the ball. Doesn't make any difference. Then I wait and swing on a 100 mph pitch and it says I am early. Not sure how that works under the hood, but, it seems that when using directional the player card has some effect on timing. I guess what I am saying, is that I want to play where my timing makes sense for when I swing and the ball goes in the direction it should and the card then determines the outcome.
    Sorry for the long paragraph....just trying to relay my whole thought.
    That'd be cool. Essentially replace Mystery Map or Nation of Baseball as the go to conquest map. Would certainly give them replayability. It'd be cool if they had like all-time teams too.
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