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Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (6-11)

sports gaming news 6-11

Operation Sports

Sports Gaming News Weekly Wrap-Up (6-11)

Every Sunday we get you caught up on the sports gaming news and Operation Sports features you might have missed. Enjoy!

Sports Gaming News

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The foundation of Super Mega Baseball 4‘s solid gameplay lies in the cat-and-mouse battle between pitcher and batter, which manages to come with enough wrinkles to make it feel plenty different than MLB The Show. The unique mechanics used to dot a pitch on the corner for a strikeout when on the mound and launch a ball into the seats when at the plate are both fun and challenging. The challenging part of that equation is helped by the game’s “ego” system, which allows for dialing in the ultra-specific difficulty that’s right for you when playing the game’s AI. However you want to play, there are an impressive amount of modes from which to sample, including online ones to test your skills against others and a franchise that requires some tough decisions when managing a team over the course of multiple seasons.

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