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Madden NFL 24 News and Notes From Around the Web

madden nfl 24

Madden NFL 24

Madden NFL 24 News and Notes From Around the Web

The OS Madden community found a few Madden NFL 24 links today featuring some news and notes that weren’t mentioned in official details released from EA Sports. We’ve rounded them up below, so make sure to click the links, read the articles and let us know your thoughts.

  • Game Informer (Ray tracing, improved AI logic (including free agency), authentic stadium soundtracks, better live-ball interactions with fumbles and onside kicks…)

Commissioners of Franchise leagues can also look forward to a ton of new settings, including age XP sliders, trade difficulty settings, adjustable draft timers, progression/regression sliders, and plenty more. Additionally, new draft class generators ensure generational talent for each position, 99 Club generators, legend generators (that build incoming prospects off the archetypes of legends from the past), and out-of-position generators that let you identify if that incoming quarterback might actually make for a better NFL running back.

Players can also expect more realistic face scans and new emotion animations between plays. In the past, there was minimal excitement or devastation signs after big plays. This will be experienced first hand along with players yelling at each other and talking smack. A lot more motion capture animations were complete for Madden NFL 24and this includes different tackles, running animations and the emotion aspect. The developers have also revamped the visual presentation during the game to bring more of a big game field. These score overlays will also vary based on what day the game is played on.

Commissioners will now be able to tweak the relationship between age and XP. Currently, younger players need much less XP to earn skill points, and those milestones increase as players age, but these specifics will now be customizable. Regression sliders will also be changeable, giving a commish the ability to finetune the age at which players start to lose a step or two. They will also be able to turn off M Factors, the game’s way of simulating home-field advantage and momentum that was added a few years ago but hasn’t always been enjoyed by the community.

A maddening (no pun intended) current “feature,” which I honestly thought was a bug, has been the way the game reorders your depth chart whenever you’d make a roster move, such as signing or releasing a player. That now has its own toggle, so you can make moves without resetting your depth chart to the game’s default expectations each time.

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