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Some Super Mega Baseball 3 Patch 6 Details Revealed

super mega baseball 3 patch

Super Mega Baseball 3

Some Super Mega Baseball 3 Patch 6 Details Revealed

Metalhead Software revealed some Super Mega Baseball 3 patch 6 details today. Not only are we getting career stats, but practice mode will also be included. The team announced earlier today, patch 6 has been submitted to platform certification, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long before it’s available on all platforms.

Here are some of the patch notes, courtesy of their reddit page and Twitter.

Career Stats (Franchise Mode Only)

  • View past season and all-time league leaders in home runs, RBIs, strikeouts, and more, accumulated throughout the Franchise playthrough.
  • Go back and view standings and playoff brackets from previous seasons.


  • We’ve heard concerns about fielding error odds, so we’ve made some small tweaks and added feedback as to why the fielder dropped the ball and how likely they were to do so.
  • We’re also tweaking retirement odds so players under 30 are far less likely to retire, and players 40+ are more likely to retire.
  • There are other balance changes in areas including AI batting, pitching mini-game difficulty, fielder selection, passed ball and wild pitch rates and the CPU’s Sign & Release decisions in Franchise mode.

Practice Mode

  • Surprise! Play an endless game where you choose to either always bat or always pitch.

Of note, tracking of the career stats will start when the update goes live and is retroactive for the current season only. Tracking will not occur for previous seasons in the Franchise. Awards did not make it into this update.


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  1. Man I'm stoked on the practice mode. Always nice to get some swings in before taking an official pitch, especially when you're playing a season.
    Hey does anyone know if you can convert a PS4 data file to PC? I'm thinking of getting the game for my PC at work, but I put in soooo much work on the team logos and uniforms, it would really suck if there's no easy way to convert that stuff.
    Any way to do an online league with just a few humans and the rest are AI controlled teams?  I like playing with my buddies but don't want to just round robin the same 3-5 teams.  That's all that's holding me back from really jumping into this game.  Especially now with career stats being maintained.

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