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SnowRunner Patch Available, Includes Free Rift Update and Many Fixes - Patch Notes & Details


SnowRunner Patch Available, Includes Free Rift Update and Many Fixes - Patch Notes & Details

A new SnowRunner patch is available, featuring new content and plenty of fixes and quality of life improvements. The “Rift” update, which is free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, adds a fourth environment to the Russian region of Taymyr, bringing the number of maps available in the base game to 12.

Saber Interactive is actively preparing for the start of Phase 1 of SnowRunner’s post-launch content, which will be released via several updates later this summer. This first phase includes Season 1: Search & Recover, available as part of the Season Pass or to purchase separately. This adds new vehicles along with a brand new Russian region: the Kola Peninsula.

Phase 1 will also offer a multitude of free content – new missions, skins, advanced modding tools for creating environments and interior customization objects, vehicle add-ons and more – all at no extra cost for all players.

SnowRunner is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through the Epic Games Store. The Season Pass is included in the Premium Edition of the game or available to purchase separately.

As mentioned, there are quite a few fixes in the latest patch. Here are the patch notes.


  • Added new Taymyr map: Rift
  • The truck engine will now automatically be turned off if the player is AFK
  • Information about trucks that are stored in the garage is now displayed on a minimap pop-up
  • Fixed problem when terrain simulation stopped working in certain situations
  • Fixed problem when truck’s wheels were falling through the models of rocks
  • Fixed problem with cargo that was falling through the trailer
  • Fixed problem when player were unable to complete tasks for fuel trailer delivery if the fuel trailer is completely empty
  • Fixed possible trucks loss if players quits the game when map is loading
  • A number of fixes for different collision situations between players trucks and trailers
  • Various fixes for in-game music
  • Various performance and memory optimizations
  • Fixed Tuz 166 ultimate suspension using wrong localization template
  • Fixed Hummer Tires using the wrong friction template.
  • Khan 39 Marshall mass tweaked to avoid mud physics glitchiness
  • Fixed “Repair The Truck” task on the Smithville Dam map
  • Multiple fixes of unrealistic collisions (wheels clipping or hovering) on various objects
  • Objectives trucks that were not removed after tasks completion will now be properly removed from the map on level load
  • Fixed “Drilling Spare Part” spawn for “Lost Container” mission in co-op
  • Implemented saves corruption fix for players that are stuck in infinite loading screen


  • Fixed a bug when the discovery of a vehicle as a guest added up to the vehicles discovered in solo
  • Added ability to change region in co-op
  • Guests can now spawn cargos on manual loading zones in a coop session
  • Fixed bug when player location icon was not properly displayed on the global map in co-op
  • Fixed problem when guests were unable to refuel in co-op


  • Moved crane anchors control to functions menu
  • “Out of Fuel” and “Broken Engine” messages are now properly displayed for trucks that player finds on a map
  • Max rank is now properly displayed
  • Supported option to choose different save slot
  • Added icon for locked gateways


  • Added sticks inversion for gamepad
  • Added alternative to metrics system
  • Added rebind for additional features (camera, map, profile, truck controls)


  • Improved LOD for different objects on a map
  • Crane art fixes
  • Various rear-view mirrors placement tweaks
  • Tweaked lampposts lightning across all maps

Wheels (PC only)

  • Added proper force feedback for driving and collision with different objects
  • Supported settings for force feedback
  • Fixed issue with reversed pedals on Logitech G920
  • Updated icons for wheels controls on HUD
  • Various in-game controls fixes
  • Fixed problem when Logitech G29 was not properly detected by the game

Modding (PC only)

  • Added subscription counter in mods UI
  • Supported proper mod preview display in truck store
  • Mod download status in now displayed in the mods menu
  • Added free camera on Summer/Winter Polygon maps
  • Added scrollbar in the mods menu
  • Art improvements for summer and winter polygons

Consoles only

  • Fixed headlights for PS4
  • Added hi-rez textures for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
  • Added working rear-view mirrors on consoles

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