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SnowRunner - Conquer The Wilderness Trailer



SnowRunner - Conquer The Wilderness Trailer

SnowRunner, sequel to the blockbuster success MudRunner, massively expands, refines, and adds to its predecessor’s unparalleled off-road driving experience that has caught and kept over two million players’ attention.

Developed by Saber Interactive, published by Focus Home Interactive, and coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on April 28, 2020, SnowRunner takes you deep into the North American and Russian wilderness to tackle the ultimate off-roading challenges.

In the trailer below, you can get a glimpse of the rich landscapes you’ll roar into at the wheel of iconic trucks.

SnowRunner is the ultimate off-road driving experience, set across the vastness of Alaska, Michigan and Taymyr. Between torrential waters, treacherous mud, snowbanks and frozen lakes, natural challenges are found everywhere across the huge open environments.

Scout the map from watchtowers, plan out your route and customize or upgrade your trucks with new tire types, suspension, equipment and engines in the garage. Struggle through the lowest muddy terrains to the highest, snow-covered peaks as you work towards a variety of goals. Keep sharp – treacherous grounds mean you’re always just a slip-up away from derailing your mission.

There’s no need to truck alone. Drive solo or with up to three friends and choose how to tackle the wide range of new missions and challenges, from rebuilding infrastructure, to delivering supplies, rescuing vehicles, or clearing new pathways.

Here’s the release date reveal trailer they released last week.

SnowRunner releases April 28 and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Preorder SnowRunner or SnowRunner – Premium Edition now for exclusive bonuses.

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  1. This game looks pretty but like mudrunner, I just don't understand the point? Are there timed events or what is the purpose of the game? Just driving around ? What am I missing
    ? Perhaps some people like this and great for them, to each his own but i think i would find this boring. If anyone has mudrunner and likes it, please explain the appeal. Looks like I would want to jump out and go hunting. It would be great to drive to remote places and then hunt but this is just driving. Or am I wrong?

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