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When You Should and Shouldn't Bunt in MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17

When You Should and Shouldn't Bunt in MLB The Show 17

There’s a debate amongst baseball fans about when and where you should bunt, with many different opinions on the subject. If you are part of the Sabermetric ‘never bunt ever’ crowd, this video is totally not for you.

And maybe we can spend time on that in a future video?

But today we’re looking at bunting. When you should do it (if you are going to) and what situations makes the most sense. Of course, there’s a lot of different situations you just can’t cover in a 3 minute video…so we’re going to keep it broad. We trust you are smart enough to fill in the gaps.

  • Don’t bunt with two strikes. Just don’t.
  • Don’t bunt with two outs. Generally this is the rule, but there are exceptions here, especially with a really fast baserunner and an effective baserunner.
  • Do bunt to catch the defense off guard. If the third baseman is in a shift and playing deep, a good bunt is going to get you on a lot. The catch-22 here is most hitters who a shift is done for don’t bunt all that well.
  • Do Bunt to move a runner with a specific end goal in mind. You shouldn’t be bunting down 4 runs, but if you are tied in the 9th with a runner on first with 0 outs? Kinda makes sense then.

As with most things baseball, most strategies are completely situational.

So let’s get to it, when should you bunt in MLB The Show 17, watch the video above and leave your own comment below!

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