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Session: Skate Sim to Release on September 22 on Multiple Platforms

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Session: Skate Sim to Release on September 22 on Multiple Platforms

Session: Skate Sim is nearing the end of its early access period and NACON and Crea-ture Studios have announced the game will launch on September 22 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

After the most recent update that included new physics, new skaters, and some of the most iconic skate spots in the world, we posted a re-review of sorts back in April. Make sure to give it a read here if you missed it.

My favorite thing about Session is that the focus isn’t on stringing together a bunch of unrealistic tricks to reach a new level or unlock quirky achievements (not that I don’t like this). Instead, Session focuses on the art of skateboarding. And while there will be plenty of obstacles and skate spots that allow your imagination to run wild — in addition to a new career mode — it’s not required like some of its predecessors.

And for me, a former skateboarder, I love this. After all, I remember back in the day trying to turn Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater into a realistic game. My friends and I would pull off tricks closer to what we’d see in skate videos down stair sets, gaps, and ledges. Many years later, it’s the way skateboarding video games are created — and Session does it as good as any. It also doesn’t hurt that it has one of the better video editors in gaming today. Some of the videos the community can create using fisheye lenses, depth of field, and other photographic elements makes it hard to remember you’re playing a video game at times.

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  1. Hmm, seems a bit rushed.
    Their last update just introduced story/mission elements and NPC's. Their founder just left the development team. Several of their WIP features have been cut (legacy controls, grabs, vert action), and they still have a lot of animation work to do in conjunction with sound effects and all.
    Hopefully they've done a lot in the last six months to make this a full-fledged game and I support the product, but I have a feeling this rush is due to the Nacon purchase/takeover, plus EA coming up from behind with a Skate 4.
    They have a lot to live up to given that this was a Kickstarter, and DLC can only do so much when there is other competition that can woo customers.

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