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Session Skateboarding Sim Update Features Overhauled Physics, Improved Animations, New Locations & Much More

session skate sim new features

Session: Skateboarding Sim Game

Session Skateboarding Sim Update Features Overhauled Physics, Improved Animations, New Locations & Much More

The latest Session Skateboarding Sim update is the biggest one yet. It features overhauled physics, improved animations, new locations and much more. Antiferg, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago, Mark Appleyard and Ryan “Beagle” Ewing have been added to the skater roster along with 4 “Create a skater” models.

The update also features 2 new locations, Jerome Avenue Banks in New York City and FDR Park in Philadelphia. The cities are alive with pedestrians and street activity to further increase the in-game immersion.

Character physics have been overhauled so that their movements are even more like those of real skateboarders. Combined with Full Body IK (Inverse Kinematics), the animation realism has been fully optimized. The interaction between the board and skateboarder has also been significantly improved to feel more fluid and more like real skating.

The team also added a new mode to improve the game experience. By visiting different neighborhoods in the Big Apple and Philadelphia, the player can meet other skateboarders to gain access to different missions. Successfully completing new tricks earns street cred and improves reputation with sponsors.

Here are some of the other key changes:

  • Speed & Transitions – The idea was to help improve the gaining and retention of speed in a realistic manner. You can somewhat consider this a “pump mechanic” for banks and mini ramps. It’s all about foot placement and weight transfer.
  • We have introduced a “Leg Work” mechanic where we allow for a secondary trigger input on player rotation. This mechanic allows for increased rotation in the lower body, separate from the torso, and adds another dimension to rotations and style.
  • For those looking for some purpose around your sessions, or even just for a more guided experience, we have introduced missions. Following Donovan on missions around the Big Apple will lead you to all corners of the city in awesome company. In these missions the skaters you meet will introduce you to trick combos and spots that will help your progression and clip stacking.

Make sure to head over to the Steam page for more details on the big patch. Session is available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. The full game should be ready in September for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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