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It's Not SKATE 4, But This Session Trailer Looks Great - Xbox One, PC Exclusive


It's Not SKATE 4, But This Session Trailer Looks Great - Xbox One, PC Exclusive

Heavily inspired by the golden era and skate culture of the late 90s/early 2000s, Project: Session is all about authenticity and creativity. Freedom of expression is the core of skateboarding so players shouldn’t have to worry about how many point their tricks are worth. Instead, Session offers a unique control scheme that gives players full control.

Session will be exclusive to the Xbox One and PC. Check out the trailer below.

The team has mentioned on their Twitter account that the game will be released in Q3 (July, August, September).


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  1. It sucks. Or at least sucked. Seen earlier game play, and I've even played a build of it. It's glitz with no substance. Felt really scripted, like there were no real physics. Unless things have changed since then. We'll see, but I would wait to buy this until some test bunnies get their hands on it.
    It's has a pretty good foundation to their game and has a lot of potential. In the beginning the game is pretty difficult because of the controls, but it becomes pretty comfortable after putting in some time with it. It definitely has a deep learning curve to the game. The team itself has less than 10 people working on it, so its pretty impressive what they've done so far with such a small team.
    This game is already better than Skate 3, just from playing the demo. I only wish I would've found out about it in time to back it on Kickstarter.
    The controls are even better than what EA did with Skate, and they're still adding more to it. I'm really looking forward to this game.
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