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Save Up to 70% on NASCAR Heat 5



Save Up to 70% on NASCAR Heat 5

NASCAR Heat 5 is currently on sale for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam through December 1. For those of you that have waited out on purchasing, check out the sale prices below.

If you missed our NASCAR Heat 5 review, you can read it here.

There is not a whole lot that feels entirely new with NASCAR Heat 5. While that typically isn’t a positive for any yearly sports title, the tweaked AI and driving model had me coming back for seconds and thirds — even after I played enough to feel like I could properly write the review. There is an addictive quality that is tangible when you’re on the track racing in any of the four series provided in NH5. It all stems from how the cars and trucks react and race on the track, and more importantly, how willing the AI was to be aggressive (but fair) with each other and me.

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