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Roller Champions Gameplay Trailer - Closed Alpha Runs From March 11 - 23, Register Today


Roller Champions

Roller Champions Gameplay Trailer - Closed Alpha Runs From March 11 - 23, Register Today

Ubisoft has posted a new Roller Champions gameplay trailer today and announced their closed alpha will begin on March 11 and run through March 23. Fans can register today for the closed alpha, which will only be available on PC, via Uplay.

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Have no fear console and mobile fans, Roller Champions is launching later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Closed Alpha players will get to skate in the new Chichén Itzá arena, the biggest arena playable to date. There are also a host of new moves to pull off, including the impactful extended tackle and air tackle, as well as the teammate-powered grapple boost, grapple double jump, and grapple double pump. The character customization system is also in place, with over 70 items to tweak your character’s gloves, skates, clothes, and helmet or hair.

Players will also have an opportunity to share their feedback with the development team. At the end of the Closed Alpha, player progression will be reset, but those players will be able to keep a special in-game reward, when the game launches. In the Closed Alpha, players will be able to experience the latest gameplay improvements, including Character Customization, Map Improvements and New Moves.

If you missed it back in June, we posted our first impressions of the Roller Champions.

Plain and simple, Roller Champions is new. When looking at this game being presented at E3, I didn’t quite know what to expect. This is a brand new and original experience with bright colors, good music, and an arcade feel of speed and energy. The player characters have a variety of looks based on their skates, pads, hairstyles and accessories. When booting up the demo, the initial presentation begins with a tutorial of how the game is played. Once complete, it is derby time, and you are dropped right into the middle of it. Expect to get hit from any side, angle and at any time. The sound effects are good as you can hear your skates clacking on the derby track, and the demo music tracks keep it popping throughout.

How can I access the Roller Champions Closed Alpha?

If you are selected for the Closed Alpha, you will receive an email confirming your participation to the email address associated with your Ubisoft account. Once you receive this email, you will be able to download the game in your Uplay launcher. A Ubisoft account and an internet connection are required to be able to play the game.

Can I play with my friends during Closed Alpha?

If you and two of your friends are selected to participate in the Closed Alpha, you can create a group and matchmake as a team of three. Alternatively, you can let the matchmaking system choose a team and opponents for you.

What is the content available in the Closed Alpha?

During Closed Alpha you will have access to new features and a new arena to compete in.

  • New Arena: Chichen Itza. Our biggest and most spectacular arena yet.
  • Character creation and customization system. Choose from many options to create your character and customize your outfit!
  • Map layout tweak: Curvature, elevation and other environmental elements have been tweaked to improve navigation and gameplay.
  • New Team Moves: Grapple Boost, Grapple Double Jump and Grapple Double Pump
  • New Tackling moves: Extended Tackle and Air Tackle!

Can I stream and publish content about the Closed Alpha?

Yes, you can! The Closed Alpha is not under NDA, so feel free to stream and share your experience using the hashtag #RollerChampions!

Where can I provide feedback on the Closed Alpha?

Head over to the dedicated DISCORD to share your experience with the dev team.

For more FAQ’s, please visit the official Roller Champions Closed Alpha FAQ.



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