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Ranking the Best and Worst Color Rush Uniforms in Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17

Ranking the Best and Worst Color Rush Uniforms in Madden NFL 17

The color rush uniforms are here for Madden NFL 17 — and there are a few which are clearly excellent and a few that may make your TV explode.

Listen, these rankings are entirely subjective — but let’s be honest about one thing: the color rush uniforms are nothing but a money grab from the NFL and one which probably will work.

Now that we officially agree on that, let’s get to the rankings.

The Worst Color Rush Unis

  • Dolphins: There is nothing (literally nothing) good about bright orange. Not in any situation ever.
  • 49’ers: A basic style tip, if your outfits going one way you don’t accessorize with something completely different that looks out of place. The helmets don’t match the rest of the uni.
  • Cowboys: I’m just here to annoy Steve and point out the unis aren’t all that different from previous ones worn by the Cowboys.
  • Seahawks: Your TV might just start smoking and then explode from the amount of color coming off of the screen. Then again, maybe that’s the point?

The Best Color Rush Unis

  • Lions: The Lions don’t do much right in football, but they nailed the look for this uni, sharp and good color tones.
  • Steelers: The black and yellow is always a classic look — and when its more black than yellow, it just looks menacing. I’m a fan.
  • Panthers: The neon type of look works well in some shades — particularly in Carolina Panther. The silver helmet really accents the whole look.
  • Falcons: I like a red/black color scheme a lot, and the Falcons pulled it off quite well. The red jerseys with black numbers just works.

So what about you? What is your completely subjective take on which color rush uniforms are the best and which are the worst?

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