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Project CARS 3 Patch #2, Legends Pack DLC & Free Yas Marina Circuit Available Today

Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 Patch #2, Legends Pack DLC & Free Yas Marina Circuit Available Today

Slightly Mad Studios has released Project CARS 3 patch #2 today, along with the Legends Pack DLC ($9.99) and free Yas Marina Circuit.

Own three timeless Japanese legends of the street and track, all ready to be upgraded into epic race machines with full race conversion kits, along with dozens of customisation options, and 16 new legend-themed Events for your career.

  • 1994 Toyota Supra MkIV Turbo + Race Conv.
  • 1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 + Race Conv.
  • 1997 Acura NSX + Race Conv.

Other items included in the Project CARS 3 Legends Pack DLC:

  • 16 Themed Events built around legendary cars and tracks
  • 12 Liveries
  • 20 Decals
  • 5 Patterns
  • Achievements / Trophies
  • 5 Rims
  • 10 Tyres
  • 10 License Plates
  • 5 Race Numbers
  • 1 New Character with 10 Outfits & 10 Helmets
  • 1 Free track: Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The free Yas Marina Circuit has three distinct sectors—the super-quick and fun sweeps from the start down through from T1 to T7, the two long straights that follow, and the intense, difficult, right-up-to-the-wall section from T11 to T21.

This place will test your braking ability like few others—almost one quarter of an average lap will see you stomping the middle pedal—with a dozen or so spots that really benefit the last of the late brakers. If you’re timid on the brakes here, you’ll never be quick enough.

The other challenge is the curbs: make sure your setup is compliant enough so you’re not nervous running them because you’re going to be riding over those things all day (and night) long.

This is a circuit that favours drivers who know how to get the best out of their brakes, and those who are both technical and super-aggressive.

Here’s the Project CARS 3 game update #2 patch notes:


  • Crash during shut down when the game browser is refreshing resolved
  • Online Reputation: Improvements and various fixes
  • Inability to lose Online Reputation from the Profile resolved
  • Fixed crash when simultaneously pressing “Delete” and “Back” keys on a saved Style before selecting “Yes” to the dialogue box
  • Steam MP breaking when minimising window during load-to-race fixed


  • The replay of the player’s vehicle continuously in ghost form after the user re-spawns and appears in ghost form to view a replay, resolved
  • Water-spray headlight, opacity, and colour tweaked
  • Fixed various corruption on console issues after prolonged play
  • Fixed corrupt-looking start lights when racing


  • Fixed players no longer being registered for any Scheduled Event if they choose to play a replay
  • Game returning to splash screen when accessing EULA after Invite resolved
  • Added widget to access store in-game to allow acquisition of additional content
  • Fixed crash when simultaneously pressing “Delete” and “Back” keys on a saved Style before selecting “Yes” to the dialogue box
  • Added the garage button in Career screens
  • Players prevented from selling cars while game is generating Thumbnails to avoid a crash and UI disappearing
  • Fixed crashes when setting passwords in the lobby screen
  • Fixed various crashes when saving replays on consoles
  • PS4: Fixed username to show when not online/signed in


  • Fixed the Jerez Clock Watcher Event difficulty


  • KTM X-Bow R: Adjusted callipers and suspension to avoid clipping with upgrade rims
  • Ford GTLM: Re-enabled LODA chassis damage
  • BMW 2002 Racing: made the driver seat wider to avoid clipping with character
  • Fixed various broken wheel rim blurs
  • The boost “200 HP Hybrid Boost” still remaining equipped to the 2016 Ford Fiesta OMSE Supercar Lites in race, even if player has set Boost back to “No Hybrid Boost” within Upgrades resolved
  • Fixed rain drops not appearing on certain custom liveries
  • More accurate vehicle windscreen reflections enabled


  • Default wheel deadzones across all platforms now matched.
  • Steering deadzone removed from consoles to reduce vagueness around centre


  • Added Yas Marina
  • Nurburgring sponsor updates
  • Adjusted various pre-race cams to resolve flickering


  • Numerous tweaks and fixes
  • Disabled depth of field in main menu when in VR and triple screen
  • Fixed the in-game special effect audio that vanishes when waking the Oculus Rift after leaving it to enter standby mode during a race
  • Fixed user being able to access Photo Mode in the garage in VR mode while using a gamepad
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