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NHL 21 Deking Tutorial From Revived Legacy

NHL 21 New Deke Impressions

NHL 21

NHL 21 Deking Tutorial From Revived Legacy

There is an NHL 21 deking tutorial out from Revived Legacy that should help you understand every deke there is to do this year in EA’s latest NHL game.

The NHL 21 deking system has had a lot of the same moves for years, so a lot of this tutorial is not new information for the long-time fans out there. But the development team did add some new moves this year that will need to be studied. Those moves include the Kucherov, the Michigan, the chip deke, flip deke and self-pass. The idea of the chip deke and self-pass have a lot of different uses as well, which include passing it to yourself behind the net and slipping around players along the side boards.

I have just recently started playing NHL 21, and the new movement provided by the slip/chip/self-pass dekes do add a new layer to skating outcomes so they’re worth labbing with to get a handle on them. I especially feel that way because for so long it has felt like you attack in the same limited number of ways. While I’m not ready to say that’s totally changed as of yet, the concepts of having new ways to break through center ice and create space in the offensive zone do help to freshen things up.

If you already have the game, feel free to share some impressions on the forums.

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