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NHL 20 Soundtrack Revealed

NHL 20

NHL 20 Soundtrack Revealed

EA revealed the NHL 20 soundtrack today, check it out and post your thoughts.


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  1. The only bands I know are Black Keys and Rival Sons. They better should have spent that money on authentic goal songs. Or even better: they should ****ing finally bring back custom music.
    Motionless White are a band I really like. They have some heavy tracks and some more radio friendly songs.
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    Totally stunned... I've heard 9 of these groups. I was thinking I would know none or one of them.
    I think I'm starting to feel hip again. It's gonna be my jaaaaammmm... Ok, I'll stop now.
    Well just like every single year, there are some known bands but you rarely hear them. You hear the sound ‘it’s gonna be alllllriiiiight’ 5000 times more than other songs (that also blow). It’s a song written for our current ‘everyone has anxiety’ culture. A feel good song for depressed people. I swear every year the soundtrack is selected by deaf monkeys that have issues with each other. Honestly I think the person that creates the UX experience and UI is the same ******* that makes the soundtrack. Game is sick. The fact that I’m still waiting for the arena info and matchup title to disappear so I can finish changing my strategies pregame is absurd.

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