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NBA Live 19 Features Real Player Motion, Monthly Updates For Commentary & More

NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 Features Real Player Motion, Monthly Updates For Commentary & More

NBA Live 19 will feature quite a few new additions this year, including narrative gameplay, real player motion, dynamic commentary, Live Arena and highlight reactions. Plenty more NBA Live 19 news to follow…

No two experiences are ever the same in NBA LIVE 19, as it’s both a reactive and narrative game. Make choices on-and-off the court and trigger developing gameplay scenarios tailored to your decisions.

With our next-level animation system, feel and see the fluidity of realistic basketball with enhanced gameplay that rocks rims like nothing else.

Discover hours and hours of unique commentary and monthly updates throughout the season, keeping each game fresh and exciting.

The action doesn’t end after the whistle. Now, you can interact with the bench, crowd, and environment, immersing you in the game like never before.

Your best in-game moments are now captured from every game and featured throughout your career. Share your highlights easily across social media channels and become an icon on, and off, the court.


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  1. Live arena I like...that's like one of those little things. I always liked how Live did the interaction in this game....rather than a close up.
    Real player motion I need to see...
    Dynamic commentary might be good if they had less annoying commentators...
    Now I await for the announcement of having a PC version.
    I'm a believe it when I see it type of guy when it comes to the NBA Live Series. If this was the year 2009, I wouldn't have any problems with those claims.
    I hope the decision making and no game feeling the same is true for Franchise and not just The One. That is so sick of the case. Imagine playing against a rival and they knew how you beat them and looked to shut you down from the tip. Rather that be an instant double team, force to shoot, etc.
    The possibilities are endless.
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