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NBA Live 18 Gives Fans an Opportunity to Earn Exclusive Rewards with Livestrike

NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 Gives Fans an Opportunity to Earn Exclusive Rewards with Livestrike

NBA Live 18 will now feature limited time live events, where fans can earn exclusive rewards, in a feature they call Livestrike.

UPDATE: (11-21) BAPE has arrived.

UPDATE #2 (11-28) Pink Dolphin has arrived.

Introducing EA SPORTS NBA LIVE LIVESTRIKE, the most exclusive form of content releases in NBA LIVE. Unlike traditional content or game updates, a LIVESTRIKE is an unannounced content drop containing rare Live Event challenges, premium in-game apparel, shoes, traits, and more. A LIVESTRIKE is available for limited time and in limited quantities, so keep an eye out for news regarding the latest drops across official NBA LIVE channels.

From today through November 21, you’ll get the chance to earn exclusive crates containing sneakers, hoodies, and more in a series of eight co-op events. Games to 11, and you must win by two. Check out the schedule and other events below.



  • Crate I, 11/14 – 11/15
  • Crate II, 11/15 – 11/16
  • Crate III, 11/16 – 11/17
  • Crate IV, 11/17 – 11/18
  • Crate V, 11/18 – 11/29
  • Crate VI, 11/19 – 11/20
  • Crate VII, 11/20 – 11/21
  • Rare Items Crate, 11/14 – 11/21

Undefeated keeps Los Angeles ballers laced up with some of the most legendary collabs of all time.

BAPE – NOV 28 – DEC 5

Rock this Japanese staple that has defined streetwear for decades.


Left-coast swag and bold designs keep this gear in demand.


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  1. MS will give refunds on a digital game that was purchased? That's interesting...not sure I agree with much as MS and EA piss me
    I just want them to add invites to h2h so I can play against people I know...can't believe this isn't in the game. 2v2 and 3v3 in the live run modes would be icing...but damn...can't even get rosters updated or play people I know.
    There will be no pre-order next year...if there is a live 19...I am enjoying some aspects of the game though. The potential is there...EA just always finds a way to $#@[email protected] it up.
    I was hoping to have the main issues (franchise trades, roster/player editing, etc) fixed by the start of December as I said somewhere else a while ago, but I'm starting to think that won't be the case. Sad man...
    Sad to say but I’m out. Game looks good, I can overlook the franchise stuff to a degree, but I’m seeing no promise in moving this ahead in a way that’s meaningful to what I’m wanting. Here’s to playing this again on EA Access later. Hope things are updated and fixed. 
    Wait...what now...i can get my money back? Im in.
    Sent from my LG-LS993 using Operation Sports mobile app

    I just call until they eventually give a refund or a credit for the game. May take two or three calls. But they usually take care of ya.
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Ugh man. While I like the actual gameplay, this game doesn't have much to offer other than The One. Which is ok I guess.
    I got the game for free so I guess I can't be that upset.
    Probably not gonna play this much anymore, but I'm still rooting for the series.
    What are these guys doing? If this is the route they think is best an NBA street game would have been a way better plan. You made an NBA simulation game but the NBA part gets little to no support/focus. I’m so so so disappointed.
    I think it's a cool idea, and I do want those green and black Jordans in the worst way.  The problem is that they hyped this up so much, and probably held onto the info a bit too long, which had people foaming at the mouth by the time they told us what Live Strike is.  Should have just been a side note with a real patch.
    Honestly, I'm not that picky.  I can deal with no added game modes, and I'm enough of  a realist to know that there's only so much they can tweak the gameplay at this point.  I'm just in complete disbelief over the lack of roster support.  Injured guys everywhere, a simple but significant trade not updated, incorrect player photos in some instances, no photos at all in others.  I mean how f&cking hard are these changes to make?  And if you have no intention of keeping up with it, which is lazy and inexcusable, then you HAVE to add the roster editing function so we can do it ourselves.  I truly believe I could have the rosters fixed in an hour or less using the transaction list and injury reports from any NBA site.
    It's such a shame, because honestly I am not feeling the gameplay on 2k at all, and I really have a lot of fun playing Live.  It's just hard to fire the game up over and over when it constantly feels so out of date.  'The One' is amazing but I want to play some NBA games, we're 3 weeks into the season now!
    In my opinion this is a wasted opportunity for EA Live team. They need to listen to there community they want 3v3 and 2v2 in The One mode. I believe that there are some funding constraints which is all good but the team should say something to this effect to let the consumers know where to target there ire. 
    After all the letdowns I dunno to what point we should get excited but a few people related to the game are talking about a huge roster update coming out ASAP plus I could get to talk to a dev and she told me she will be working on the graphic side of things (face scans, tattoos, etc).
    At the point we're at I'd start to be happy just having a roster that actually mimics the NBA day-to-day... Sad but true...
    Ohhh snap! :popcorn: The devs for this franchise are so out of touch with the dwindling fanbase..

    fans: We want player editing, we want player editing! Can I change a jersey number or sneaker please?
    ea: You asked for it and you got it, here are clothes for your 'the one' player! Get your live 18 copy today!

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