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NBA Live 18 Demo Available Now For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 Demo Available Now For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

For those of you that didn’t download from New Zealand yesterday, the NBA Live 18 demo is available now, here in the US.

You can search NBA Live 18 demo in both stores, or just queue it up in the links below.

Many NBA Live 18 demo impressions can be seen in this thread.


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  1. d23x
    Can't even play it bc the face scan isn't going through to the game for whatever reason.

    Hearing that from users on Twitter this morning. Anyone else having problems that are just downloading today?
    Downloaded on both systems( Xbox one/PS4 Pro.  Not gonna deny live stepped it up it’s on the upside( although 2k still gonna be graphically better overall better. But live is getting lil closer..  I see their sliders and controls copied from 2k. Good to see the implant of First take in the cut scenes.  Soundtrack is also good
    Hearing that from users on Twitter this morning. Anyone else having problems that are just downloading today?

    I downloaded it yesterday, but couldn't get my scan to go into the game. Every time I selected that option, it just showed me the QR code to get the app.
    Also can’t get my face scan to download in the game.
    Just started playing, will have very detailed impressions later. I will say this, for the first time in MANY years, I’ll be buying two basketball games at launch.
    You can tell the Live team put in some serious work with this title. This is something solid to build on. I’m actually having fun. They’re “career” mode is a lot more fun than the other games so far as well.
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    Downloading now, hopefully I can get a quick peek at lunch.  I'm sure 2k will still be the overall better product, but I just love the structure of the career mode in Live this year.  Honestly I'm looking forward to playing the park leagues more than anything else.
    That $40 price tag for preorder isn't a bad thing either.
    Everyone with face scan problems make sure you are scan your face in the app with the email your ea account is associated with your console. 
    I had the same problem because I have 4 ea accounts throughout the years so the one that actually worked wass an ea account I made years ago with my parents email. If you google ea accounts  you can sign in with whatever email you made your scan with in the app and go to my profile and at the bottom see if that account is linked to PSN or XBOXONE
    Played one Drew League game. It's better than what they've been trying to put out in the past no doubt. Something about it just feels off to me but it's that EA feel to the way the players have always moved throughout live. The other game feels more fluid with movement. Live i'm feeling like there's too much momentum to the body movement and it feels like such a large weight transfer from side to side on every movement. It makes the guys feel so sluggish to their movement instead of fast and athletic. NBA players are quick and make fast twitch movements. The Live models feel like they have weighted vests on. For example, I was controlling Paul George off the ball defending Lebron. I was sliding in and out of weakside help defense and Westbrook drove to the lane from the other wing. When I tried to move into the paint to help on D Paul George was so slow and sluggish moving in that I was way too late to even help. Even when shooting, I just feel like I have more control over the player, movement, and shot in the other game. With this I feel like it gets into the animation. Outside of the movement the game does play pretty well. There are some things that might need tweaking, for instances Lebron blocked Paul George from behind on a drive and he grabbed the ball with both hands. Not that he can't do this or wouldn't do it in a game if getting a clear block from someone smaller, but if Paul George is driving to the basket on him i'd expect a regular block in that situation, he just snatched it like it was nothing. 
    I usually don't play those My Player type modes but since I had to for the demo, I did think the inclusion of First Take and the live video story stuff was pretty cool and interesting. Having Max and Stephen A. Smith on First Take though was a smart touch at taking advantage of the ESPN connection. I like the story mode they set you up with better than what the other game had been offering.
    @mhayden614 your post is on point!! I created an account just to comment. I'm liking the direction that Live is headed!! There are just small things that I like more than 2K. Sometimes I can get 2K to predictable situations more than this Live. For example, the pick and roll. I do prefer the actual pick and roll movement from 2K, but with the Live the roll man switches up his roll each time. I like how the rim protectors are actual rim protectors too. I caught an alley oop with Ant Davis in the Drew and the crowd went crazy! The celebration after the 3s is dope too! Oh and Lebron is an animal. I dunked on Steph and KD something nasty on a break. I noticed that the shooters on the break spot up around the 3 pt line and the slashers do just that on the break. 2K needs a face scan for mobile too. Not sure if they have one, but this made it easy for me to do after I figured out what email my gamertag was linked to.
    The One Mode with First Take
    The ability to unlock gear and attributes as you play well
    Something still a bit off with the movements, lack of fluidity at times
    Shooting takes some getting used to
    Dunks could use better rim interaction
    So many positive comments....but seriously, if this demo was for the latest version of NBA 2K we'd have far more replies & they'd be far more negative. 
    I'm trying to download the demo on ps4 but it keeps giving me a "can't download" error.
    I'm outside of the U.S. Is this a region thing or what?
    It means you need to free up some space.....
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    I figured out why I couldnt upload my game face after hours of frustration. I wasn't using my primary ps4. So the EA account I used for my first game face was on my newer ea account. I thought I could just change my PSN account email and that would work.
    Turns out I had to login into original EA account logged into my old PS4 and redo my game face and it came out better and now works
    As a gamer dating  back to lakers vs celtics i'm pleased to see Live back.  I think they have made a good choice to offer a totally different NBA gaming experience by making a RPG centric game with the multiplayer element being the primary pitch to gamers.  I think casual online players will enjoy this very much but as far as an simulating NBA gaming experience it's much more an arcade style of play.  The One is a cool feature and I enjoyed it for a while but I honestly think the Demo will be all I need.  As for the NBA mode  I like the improved commentary and the atmosphere is AMAZING.  Some of the animations are well done but the chain in animations still need work.  Idk if I will buy this game even at $31 (thanks gamer club) ,  but overall it's it's cool to have an alternative experience.
    So many positive comments....but seriously, if this demo was for the latest version of NBA 2K we'd have far more replies & they'd be far more negative.*

    I agree with this but also this game is half the price.
    IMHO if this game fails - 2k get lazy - if this succeeds 2k keep on their toes and conitnue to push.
    That's worth £30 for me
    I'm still undecided, but leaning towards preordering.  I'm just stoked to have a full month with the demo before I have to decide, and $40 sounds damn good to me.  If nothing else, as Stocksy said above, I'd like to see Live stick around long enough to put some pressure on 2k.  They really seemed to go into cruise control the past couple of years, and it's showed in the product to be honest. 
    Are they releasing any sort of demo this year or just 'The Prelude'?

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