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NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Crowd Interactions

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Crowd Interactions

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Crowd Interactions

We’ve been talking about how much we like next-gen NBA 2K21 so far, and we’ve also tried to show off the graphical upgrades on the new consoles. On top of that, Prince is here to show off some of the new NBA 2K21 next-gen crowd interactions.

At OS we obviously pride ourselves on enjoying the little things, and the crowd upgrades and changes that have come through on next-gen consoles are just some of the new touches that are cool to see.

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  1. aholbert32
    I love the additions but where are the jerseys? What NBA game doesnt have some fans in the stands with jerseys?

    ya dude it's completely bizarre lol
    What I am missing so far:
    - more props in the stands (foam fingers, cardboard cutouts of player heads)
    - jerseys
    Other non related stuff:
    - 60 fps cutscenes
    - high res player images for replay swipes
    - high res nba2k logo on the desk where Shaq etc is sitting in front off
    - better studio backdrops behind the desk
    Crowd looks great, but have you ever noticed how the reactions are off? Big huge dunks or offensive plays get a little clapping, but defensive plays often get everyone standing and cheering. Kinda takes away from the realism.

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