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NASCAR Heat 3 Trailer - Career Mode Details


NASCAR Heat 3 Trailer - Career Mode Details

704Games have released a new NASCAR Heat 3 trailer, going over the career mode details in the game this year.


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  1. Is this the updated NASCAR Thunder 2004 I've been waiting for? You talk year to year jump, that is a huge upgrade in career mode. Like that they have Owner mode but would be nice to be the owner and driver for your team like Tony Stewart did in his final years.
    I'm looking forward to it.
    I hope the ownership play is a way to just allow you to race what you want, rather than being forced into events.
    Any idea on being able to DNF?

    I sure hope DNF's FINALLY make it in. Nothing worse than having a major wreck, yet be able to go right back out like nothing happened. Major pet peeve of mine
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