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NASCAR Heat 2 Patch #1 Coming Soon, Here Are The Details


NASCAR Heat 2 Patch #1 Coming Soon, Here Are The Details

The first NASCAR Heat 2 patch is currently in the approval process and scheduled to release sometime next week, if all goes according to plan. Check out the patch notes below, which include quite a few fixes, additions and improvements coming to the game.

  • Added remaining NASCAR NEXT drivers (Harrison Burton, Chase Cabre, Hailie Deegan, Riley Herbst, Cayden Lapcevich, Chase Purdy, Zane Smith)
  • Added new “Strict” Yellow Flags option for single-player
  • Added a Stats page to Career
  • Rivals’ anger now has the potential to slowly decay over time
  • Added an alternate controller configuration (Options -> Controls -> Default/Alternate)
  • Added new Victory Anthems
  • Added separate volume control for Spotter
  • Fixed potential frame rate stutter during race
  • Fixed Trophies/Achievements that were not awarding properly
  • Fixed red-lining engine issues at Iowa Speedway
  • Made top-end AI more challenging at some tracks
  • Better calculation of race results for cars finishing behind the player
  • Fixed issue where players in some regions would not see the correct cars in multiplayer races
  • Added gear/speed overlays in the cockpit view
  • Altered qualifying logic for the AI
  • Display purse on race card in Career
  • You can hold down left or right to change values at pits/in garage
  • Changed pre-race animation in multiplayer
  • Implemented some missing UI sounds
  • Quieter Victory Anthems
  • Fixed rare Career mode crash
  • Added functionality to switch between Global Leaderboards and Favorite Driver Leaderboards
  • Fixed doppler effect to prevent unusual pitch shifting during some events
  • Set Furniture Row Racing to a 5-star team in Career
  • Fixed Elliot Sadler’s Road America Challenge
  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Adjusted some driver ratings
  • Altered character models for some drivers
  • Fixed some issues with AI pitting logic
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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  1. from reading these notes... if they pull it off and these fixes do indeed work...I will be making the purchase.. had been holding off because of weak AI challenge, pit strategy and yellow flags- now it looks like all 3 are in the  patch..
    Can't wait for some of you who have been playing get to test and let us know..
    704 games- kudos- unlike the Madden team, it appears you really did listen to the fan base and worked hard to fix some of the biggest gripes.
    Been on the fence about buying this. Is it worth it this year?

    NH2 still has it share of issues, but it is leaps and bounds above last year's game in terms of depth, content and overall polish. If 704 Games continues on this trajectory, NH3 will be one of the best NASCAR games ever made.

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