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MotoGP 20 Video - Tire System Evolution


MotoGP 20

MotoGP 20 Video - Tire System Evolution

Like in real life, tire stress and wear don’t apply on both sides and middle equally. MotoGP 20 will implement these three areas separately and it will reproduce some real-world dynamics down to the smallest details. In each race players will be able to decide the quantity of fuel and which type of tire to use, always keeping in mind that bike physics are affected by their decisions.

The three-zone tires reproduce some real-life behaviors (and rider’s issues) faithfully. Sachsenring with his never-ending left corners sequence will heat and wear the left shoulder, while the right one will be much less impacted. Right-handed tracks like Misano will be just the opposite, although far more balanced in corner assortment.

In some cases traction will be important, and so the middle zone of the rear tire. The race tire choice will be important, and depending on many factors, rider’s style, and his ability to preserve some rubber for the last laps, among the top ones.

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