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Latest MotoGP 20 Patches Improve AI, Career Mode, Photo Mode and Much More


MotoGP 20

Latest MotoGP 20 Patches Improve AI, Career Mode, Photo Mode and Much More

Quite a few MotoGP 20 patches have arrived since launch and we wanted to let you know what they consisted of. All of the patch notes below include patches 1.01 through 1.06.

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  • Photo mode: improved motion blur with more shutter speed options.
  • Career mode: Development Tests fixed and improved.
  • Career mode: Contracts Management improved (real/fictional teams).
  • Showroom: MotoGP official riders presented with helmets off.
  • Fixed Yamaha M1 2009 dashboard (custom rider).
  • Fuel is now refilled upon leaving pits in practice and qualifying sessions.
  • Fuel management: various fixes (estimated laps).
  • Neural AI improvements: lap times consistency in practice and qualifying sessions.
  • Autodrive in flying laps: fixed unwanted falls.
  • Several Career Mode fixes and improvements.
  • Several Online fixes and improvements.
  • Track sponsor updates.
  • Fixed career save issue.
  • Fixed stability issue while signing out of active profile in career mode
  • AI improvements
  • Animation improvements: max lean
  • Tire consumption (physics, graphics) improvements.
  • Fuel consumption improvement.
  • Motion blur in photo mode
  • Many career CR
  • Gauge option (mini, normal, off) extended to all visuals.
  • Added bike damage indicator on dashboard.
  • Added championship victory cutscene sequence (Career mode).
  • Added championship victory cutscene to championship game mode (Quick modes).

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Milestone has really taken hold of the racing genre and placed itself as one of the leaders in it during the last couple years. Their effort with MotoGP 20 will do nothing but enhance that perception because MotoGP 20 delivers an exciting, fun and deep experience. On top of that, it’s an experience that can be considered accessible to the masses with the number of options the game provides.

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