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MotoGP 18 Available Today For Xbox One, PS4 & PC - Nintendo Switch on June 28

MotoGP 18

MotoGP 18 Available Today For Xbox One, PS4 & PC - Nintendo Switch on June 28

MotoGP 18 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM for $49.99. The game is scheduled to release on June 28th on Nintendo Switch. The MotoGP 18 Booster Pack DLC is also available for download today at $4.99, to multiply the reputation earned at the end of each race.

A new engine, enhanced graphics, reworked physics, faithful reproduction of all in game elements , a new compelling career mode and all the official content from the 2018 MotoGP season are only some of the elements that will make Milestone’s videogame the most immersive and realistic MotoGP experience ever.

Key features of the videogame include:

  • The official 2018 MotoGP season, with all the riders and all the 19 official tracks, including the new Buriram International Circuit in Thailand;

  • Faithful reproduction of riders, tracks and bikes, thanks to the Drone Scanning system, for a 1:1 recreation of all the track details, and the 3D scanning technology, to include real MotoGP riders’ faces in game for the first time ever in the series;

  • Exclusive improved features to make the game experience as immersive as ever, such as new cut scenes, the spectator mode designed to follow other players with different cameras to enjoy the online matches and brand new interactive tutorials;

  • Enhanced AI, Bike Physics and Collision System, with innovative riding aids to offer a more enjoyable simulation at every level;

  • New scalable damage system and tire management system;

  • A compelling career mode to climb the ladder from Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup to MotoGP class, including an innovative bike development setup, to significantly increase the bikes’ performance, as well as the MotoGP ID to keep track of such progress.

Moreover, this year will also see the launch of the new MotoGP eSport Championship with more challenges, more chances to win and an increased number of platforms available to compete on, making it sure to be a bigger and better show than ever before. This year the MotoGP eSport championship will be available on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC, giving more opportunities for gamers to become World Champion.

Kicking off on July 18th, the MotoGP eSport Championship will see 8 online challenges, with 2 Semi Final live Events and the Grand Final in November, live from Valencia. The live Semi Final 1 event will take place at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli on September 7th and will feature the fastest 12 gamers. On November, 2nd the live Semi Final 2 event will be held at the Movistar eSports Center in Madrid, where the quickest 12 from the final four challenges will compete for a place in the Final. The Grand Final will once again be hosted in Valencia during the MotoGP season finale on November 16th, with a BMW M240i Coupé up for grabs as the top prize for the Championship winner, with some additional exclusive experiences.


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  1. Picked this up on steam. 
    Graphics on default were were very unimpressive but once I jacked them up to 4k and ultra the game looked real good. Frame rate was smooth as well. 
    As as far as the controls didn’t feel much different than 17 but in all fairness I haven’t played 17 for a while so I might have forgotten how it controls.
    did my first full weekend in career and it was pretty fun and there’ is some cool presentation elements. 
    All in all my early impression is it’s a real good game and the best MotoGP to date but I’m not sure how much clout it holds because the bar wasn’t that high and 18 isn’t reinventing the wheel it’s just a real polished version of previous iterations and tthats not a bad thing. 
    If if I had to score it I’d give it a 8/10 . Glad I bought it.
    Although not a groundbreaking game this is the biggest step in the franchise for a long while. 
    The visuals, particularly the bikes, are impressive, even more so with a 4K/HDR TV. 
    The bikes have a lot more weight to them than in previous iterations & handle more consistently.
    Presentation is better with some nice little touches such as displaying the names of the track sections while racing & new podium sequences.
    I haven’t had any time with Career/Online Modes but I’ve seen enough to feel this is definitely worth a look for racing fans.
    I also like the track corner names and podium additions.
    Biggest thing for me is the physics.....Seems like I can use the throttle to help turn the bike...very cool.
    I'm early into the career mode....still in red bull class.....seems good so far.
    New patch out today......Took this from the Milestone facebook page....
    As you all know, we've been listening to your feedback and working to improve your MotoGP™18 experience. Today, we're rolling out a full update, which is only the first in a long series. Among many fixes, this patch also includes full support to the eSport season, which will officially launch tomorrow!
    • Added photo mode filters and fixed default values
    • AI tuning and improvements
    • Improved time attack cut detection
    • Fixed bonus in riding aids page
    • Improved tutorial and bike development tests (in career) visual aids
    • Fixed Gyroscopic cam
    • Fixed looking back animation in online pause state
    • Added full support for eSport challenges
    • Updated AI best track times and skills
    • Improved lap time detection in time attack and eSport challenges
    • Fixed podium effect
    • HDR tuning
    • Improved spectator mode
    • Fixed milestone images in MotoGP ID compare page
    • Improved rumble tuning
    • Online clients and host synch quality improvements
    • Fixed rider fingers animation
    • Added poses for moto3 and rookies bikes
    • Added Telemetry UDP Broadcast during an (offline) race
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