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MLB The Show 17 Team Provides Update to Server Issues, Online Franchises & More

MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17 Team Provides Update to Server Issues, Online Franchises & More

With the ongoing frustration many MLB The Show 17 fans have had online so far this year, the team has posted a quick update for the community.

While they have addressed a number of online gameplay issues, they continue to work on the outstanding issues, with plans to release a new patch soon.

Make sure to read the note below, as it contains some information on the queue process in general, online franchise changes to speed up the amount of time to process leagues and more. Due to the issues, the team promises to give in-game content to all of you, but no specifics have been announced yet.

Our top priority every year with the MLB The Show franchise is to create the most authentic baseball game on the market. We push ourselves to include as many additions and improvements as possible, with the end goal of giving users an enjoyable experience across all game modes. We’re proud of so much that made it in this year, but we haven’t been satisfied with certain areas in The Show 17.

Since launch, we have identified and addressed a number of issues related to online gameplay – from freezes and hangs, to longer than normal wait times for the game processing queue. We’re still all hands on deck working to remedy outstanding issues.

There’s been some confusion about queue processing in general, and we’d like to provide insight into the changes we’ve made since launch to how the system works. When a game completes properly (i.e. both users finish to the end), scores should post quickly with no queue message. The back end has been refined to ensure the win/loss is updated immediately, but the rest of the stats from the game might take more time to process. When a game ends prematurely, due to a user disconnect or other abnormal action, the system is designed to take extra time to process, allowing the game to post correctly. In regards to the Online Franchise, changes are in place to help shorten the amount of time required to process leagues. We have been and continue to work hard to resolve the remaining issues; a new patch is currently underway and we are committed to updating you as soon as we have new information to report.

We appreciate all of the valuable feedback and reports the community has sent our way. Understandably, this can be a frustrating time for many of you, and in acknowledgement of that frustration we are planning to give in-game content to all of you. More info on that to come soon.

Thank you all for your patience. You are being heard, and we are truly grateful that we have such a passionate community.

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