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MLB The Show 17 Patch v1.05 Seems to Have Improved The Game

MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17 Patch v1.05 Seems to Have Improved The Game

The MLB The Show 17 patch v1.05 hit your consoles yesterday and thus far, the community is reporting some good things with the newest patch. Here’s a round-up:

  • Quick Counts and pitchers being pulled has largely been fixed. There’s still some instances people are reporting where pitchers may be getting pulled too soon — but overall the game is delivering a much more realistic experience here.
  • Similarly, pitchers aren’t pulled nearly as fast in managed games either. The whole management system of when a pitcher is pulled seems to have been improved quite a bit.
  • The bat sound has been fixed and sounds much better. (Thank goodness).
  • Some are reporting home runs are the same as they’ve ever been, which wasn’t addressed in the patch but community members have shown some concern HRs are too frequent in this year’s game.
  • Bunting is much improved, less frequent more ‘rocket bunts’ are being reported though they’re still there. As one note, its likely rocket bunts are more frequent with players who are bad at bunting vs. those who are good.
  • There was some work done on the balls in the dirt/catcher throwing runners out that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes. It seems most still feel this isn’t quite right, but some reports of improvement were mentioned.
  • Online play issues continue at least off and on for suers. There are some structural things like pause time getting some complaints as well. As for the servers, there are still reports of having issues with lag and freezes but by most accounts the game seems ahead of where it was a couple of weeks ago.


The patch looks to have improved the experience in most ways in the game. At this point, more than a month after release, the game has come a long way and there’s more than enough reason to jump in if you have been hesitant to. Just keep in mind that the online experience of the game still isn’t completely smooth, but overall MLB The Show 17 is playing the best game of baseball we’ve ever seen on consoles.

OS’ers are discussing the new patch in our patch notes thread on the forum. Be sure to report your own results for these and other issues below in the comments as well!

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