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Many Improvements Coming to NBA Live 19 THE ONE Mode

NBA Live 19

Many Improvements Coming to NBA Live 19 THE ONE Mode

EA has posted a new article going over NBA Live’s marquee game mode, THE ONE and the progression between NBA Live 18 and NBA Live 19.

One of the key factors that makes THE ONE special is the ability to customize your entire playing experience, whether it be through Playstyles or the threads you rock in the game. As it relates to Playstyles, the NBA has entered a stage where players are coming in with such diverse skill sets that they’re able to essentially combine big man skills with guard abilities, or vice-versa. NBA LIVE 19 looks to tackle this by creating a more extensive set of player progression abilities.

“This year, we’re adding this idea of these new ICON Abilities that you can unlock,” said Santos. “For every Playstyle in LIVE 18, we had these signature abilities. This year, we’re introducing an all-new Icon Abilities to complement each Playstyle. These Icon Abilities will be inspired by superstars, whether it be legends or current day players. These are going to be abilities that you can go and modify as you progress down your path. Think of this as another ability path that has customization built into it with key decisions that allow you to make that ability your own.”

With this feature, you’ll have the ability to choose the same Playstyle as another player but modify the unique Icon Abilities of the player’s tendencies and ratings to ensure they put their own unique spin on each and every game. While players may start off similarly, this development ensures that no two players develop the same.

“As an example, if I’m a rim protector, I’d have a new defensive ICON Ability that, along the way, I can choose whether or not it will impact the shot percentage of a bigger radius of players around me or significantly boost a defensive impact rating for my player. That customization is going to be a gamechanger and, on top of that, you’ll be able to unlock multiple ICON Abilities for each Playstyle. And just like a Trait, I’ll be able to swap that special ICON Ability before every game.”

Read more about NBA Live 19’s THE ONE mode here.

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