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Knockout City Servers Shutting Down on June 6

knockout city

Knockout City

Knockout City Servers Shutting Down on June 6

Velan Studios has announced they will be shutting down the Knockout City servers on June 6. Players will be unable to progress past the title screen from that date onwards. The team plans to offer a free private hosted server version of the game in the near future, allowing players to either host their own server or join one hosted by others.

Despite over 12 million players and billions of KOs around the globe, there are several aspects of the game in need of major disruption to better attract and retain enough players to be sustainable. Since we are a small, indie studio, it’s simply impossible for us to make those kinds of systemic changes in the live game while continuing to support it.

Prior to shutting down the servers, Velan Studios will release Season 9 on February 28. The only difference with the Season 9 launch is that players will not be able to purchase Holobux, the Deluxe Upgrade, or any of the TMNT bundles using real money.

Season 9 will be a comprehensive 12-week season featuring a new map, a range of fresh cosmetics, events, a Brawl Pass, a new installment of Deep Space Dispatches and additional content, despite being the final season.

Players can read all about Season 9, including a lengthy FAQ, at the official site.


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