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Is an AEW Video Game Coming Sooner Than Later?


Is an AEW Video Game Coming Sooner Than Later?

Plenty of speculation and rumors have surrounded the potential of an All Elite Wrestling video game. And why not? The wrestling company founded by superstars Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes has been exactly what their name entails since emerging onto the wrestling scene. ELITE. And like many have speculated since Yukes decided to step down from development with 2K, an AEW video game would be the perfect move for the prestigious video game developers.

In a recent interview at Starrcast, Omega was asked about the potential for an AEW game in the future.

“You know I’ve been globetrotting a little bit and I’ve been trying to assemble and piece together some people who might be in the know the vision of what this needs to be. Trust me, having a video game for AEW is top of my priority list. And I can’t share anything right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be something to announce by the end of the year, so be ready for that, guys.”

Omega was later asked if he could play Tekkenwith a fan. He was very discreet with his response, suggesting “you might actually see Kenny Omega in a fighting game real soon.”

But what became even more telling regarding the potential AEW video game is what Chris Jericho said on his recent Talk is Jericho podcast.

It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not an announcement will be made before AEW airs on TNT this fall. But like the old saying”where there is smoke, there is fire,” there is now plenty of reason to believe a game will be announced sooner, rather than later. And in an industry that has been dominated by the WWE for many years, the time is now for AEW to strike while the iron is hot.

The very thought of a potential AEW video game should have fans everywhere excited — perhaps this is the secret project Yukes has been working on. Nevertheless, as we learned with Madden and other sports games in recent years, competition is never a bad thing. And much like the WWE/AEW feud we will soon get to witness on television, the two companies competing for the video game industry is a win-win for all involved.


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  1. ViolenceFight
    Screw Yukes, talk to SynSynphobia or whatever AKI is calling themselves these days...

    Word is they're trying to get Yuke's and SynSophia to collaborate.
    Tweet is in Japanese but it translates, "Can you follow me? I have something to talk about." and later in the post the SynSophia Twitter says they followed him.
    The main thing here is that Kenny is a huge video game fan. Whatever game that comes out will be approved by him and he wants it to be on the same quality level as the WCW/NWO Revenge and No Mercy games. No doubt we'll get a quality game and that will help push 2K to step their game up.
    Also, here's a leaked screenshot of one of the scans. The guy in the scan is MJF.

    Don't say "screw Yukes" so fast.  From what I've read they've been on the WWE leash and wanted to make content for their game that they weren't allowed to do.  That's why they were set to make a separate game from their WWE series before the split happened.  They were willing to compete with themselves in order to make the game they wanted to make.  I say let's see their real vision before we pass complete judgement.  Remember, Yukes was also responsible for Here Comes the Pain which was a very good game and my personal favorite in the series.
    After the little amount of gameplay previews from 2k and some of the leaked in game screens, hopefully its sooner then later because WWE2k 20 looks like garbage
    I think it’s a good idea for some competition in the market as well as people wanting to use their favs like Jericho or dean/mox. Right now there’s no tv for aew (the game would not be released before tv though) and I think it could help their brand get some recognition.

I like video games and the miami dolphins.

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