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FIFA 18: How To Get Ahead and Also Enjoy Your FUT Experience


FIFA 18: How To Get Ahead and Also Enjoy Your FUT Experience

A new season of FIFA is upon us as the Ronaldo and Icon editions of FIFA 18 were released today. For Ultimate Team fans, that means another year of seasons, Weekend League, SBCs, yelling, pack luck, broken controllers and conspiracy theories.

Full disclosure: I use a PlayStation 4, so I didn’t get to play the game early via EA Access. I’ve played enough Ultimate Team to whet my whistle, claim my rewards and that’s about it. So, I’ll have my first impressions at a later date.

Anyway, in lieu of calling this a “tips in tricks article,” I want to offer a few things to help you maybe get the most out of Ultimate Team in its early stage, or at least help you get an enjoyable experience out of it.

Use your coins to buy players, not packs

Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to spend your money, or coins in this case. But, the house always wins. Always. Don’t let part of your Ultimate Team success rely on pack luck.

If you do buy packs at the beginning, or buy a player you end up not liking, don’t sell right away

In the past, player prices have increased in the second and third weeks after the game’s release, as there are more coins out there for buying players. Wait it out a couple of weeks.

Play through challenges and buy the FUT items in the catalog

Of course this sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised by the number of people that never use the coin boosts or loan players from the EA catalog. They both can be so helpful at the start of a new FIFA cycle when the coin grind begins. As a sidebar to the coin boosts: don’t unlock all the coin boosts all at once. You want to use the bigger coin boosts first, then work your way down.

Don’t be that person

This is just a morality thing. Don’t send “git gud” messages after beating someone in FUT. You’re not cool, or edgy, or whatever other dumb thought you have in your mind. Not everyone plays FUT to eventually go play in the FIFA Interactive World Cup and the like. You never know what the person holding the other controller is going through, so don’t think you’re being edgy by calling them something derogatory or anything dumb like that.

If this game annoys you, turn off your messages from non-friends

If you’re like me, you just want to play FIFA and not be bothered. You take the wins with the losses. It makes you rage when you lose, and dance around the living room when you win. Or maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, seeing “git gud” or “u suck” messages after a frustrating loss is the last thing you need before chucking your controller against the wall. It’s like an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you know they’re in the right — the last thing you want after accepting defeat is to talk to them. Just turn off messages from people not on your friend list. Problem solved.

Use players you enjoy

Again, I don’t want to tell you how to play. But I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the game much more if you use players you enjoy — both in-game or in real life — over players that are overpowered.

Have fun!

After all, isn’t that what video games are for?

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