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Four Experiences You Should Try in Steep


Four Experiences You Should Try in Steep

Steep is a fantastically huge game with so much to do that nailing down four specific experiences that rank above the rest as nearly impossible. However, being a glutton for punishment, here are four specific experiences you definitely want to try in Steep.

1. Play Any Of The Events And Own The Slopes In The GoPro First-Person Mode

I’m not going to lie about this one, Steep‘s first-person view is kind of difficult to control, but flying a wingsuit or having a successful run on skis or snowboarding while in the GoPro POV mode is a thrilling experience if you manage to put together a big run. Particularly, I found zooming around trees and over the landscape in a wingsuit to be a pretty big thrill.

2. Ride Your Board Or Skis From The Top Of The Higher Peaks To The Valley Below

Starting from the top of the higher peaks and finding a line to the bottom is just flat out fun. I felt like I was in any of the numerous back-country extreme skiing/snowboarding videos, carving out a line and doing tricks all the way down the mountain. Some of these runs can last quite a long time, 7-10 minutes or more. There’s definitely plenty to do.


3. Play The Map At Night

Steep is a particularly beautiful game, but letting the sun set and letting the moon glisten off of the mountain slopes is just a beautiful sight all to its own. Playing the map at night and enjoying the different look that gives the game is a gorgeous experience.

4. Play With A Friend

Above all, Steep is a game that demands you play it with friends. Doing things like having trick competitions down specific lines on a mountain to racing down the mountain to mixing specialties to create some epic video moments, your imagination is literally the limit as to what you can pull off on the mountains in Steep.

What Are You Doing?

Like I said, Steep is a gigantic game full of nearly endless possibilities. Let me know what you’ve been up to on the slopes and what cool experiences you think OS’ers should enjoy in the comments below!

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