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Steep Winterfest Pack Available Now - New Trailer


Steep Winterfest Pack Available Now - New Trailer

The Steep Winterfest Pack is available now for Season Pass and Gold Edition owners. Otherwise, fans can purchase the DLC for $11.99. Check out the new trailer here and what’s included in the pack below.

  • 1 new sport: the Winter Sled
  • 21 new exclusive challenges
  • 10 new exclusive costumes and customization items
The Winterfest add-on content brings a new snow sports festival, a winter sled, and a yeti boss to Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Winterfest adds 21 new challenges that push the open-world winter-sports game to goofy new extremes. Ever wanted to put on a floppy T-Rex costume and chomp your way through herds of inflatable goats, smash through balloons in a wingsuit, or luge down a slalom course while trying to stay balanced on a child-sized metal sled? Now’s your chance.

The challenges lead up to boss battles that test your racing skills against those of four minibosses and, eventually, the yeti-costumed Beast himself. Along the way, you’ll be able to deck out your athlete in off-the-wall outfits including sumo suits, banana costumes, superhero gear, swimsuits, and more – and, yes, explore the slopes freely on the winter sled, which joins skis, snowboards, wingsuits, and paragliders as a new way to get around the mountains and play through challenges.

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